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Google Chrome Has New Search Bar Filters

Chrome’s address bar is already feature-packed, with the ability to search for pages, history items, bookmarks, data from extensions, and much more. Google is now making it easier to filter results with special shortcuts….

Chromebooks Now Have a Trash Folder

The trash folder (or recycle bin) has been a staple of desktop computing for decades, as a place for deleted files to stay before they are truly gone forever. It took a while, but Chromebooks now have a trash folder of their …

Get Ready for More $70 Video Games

Over the past few years, larger games for PC and consoles have been creeping up in price to $70, a significant jump from previous standard price of around $60. Unfortunately, that trend isn’t going away….

The Pixel 7 Now Has a Free Built-in VPN

Google released the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro earlier this year as the company’s new flagship Android smartphones. Now the devices are receiving a feature that normally requires a paid Google One subscription….
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