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How to Identify Music With Your iPhone or iPad

Hey, what’s that song? Your iPhone can listen to any song playing nearby and tell you. You don’t need any apps—multiple song identification tools are built right into your iPhone. Apple even purchased Shazam, a popular musi…

What 5G Means for Apple’s iPhone 12

All iPhone 12 models support 5G. While some Android phones support 5G, this is the first Apple is releasing phones that support 5G. So are ultra-fast speeds available everywhere? And what does 5G mean for battery life? We’ll…

How to Install Linux

Want to install Linux? It’s an easier process than you might think! You can even try Linux on your PC before you install it. If you don’t like it, just reboot and you’ll be back to Windows. Here’s how to get started with Linu…

Custom App Icons Slow Down Your iPhone

Custom app icons are the latest iPhone trend, and they look awesome. People can give their iPhones a unique aesthetic with unique icons and widgets. There’s just one problem: Custom app icons slow down your iPhone….
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