How to Factory Reset Your Android TV

There comes a time in every user’s life when they have to reset something back to its factory default. Perhaps the device is acting wonky and needs a fresh start, you’re getting rid of it, or you want a clean slate for some other reason. The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to factory reset your Android TV box, regardless of the manufacturer.

HDTV Overscan: What It Is and Why You Should (Probably) Turn It Off

Here’s something you may not know: that HDTV that you love so much probably doesn’t show the whole picture on its screen. In fact, up to five percent of the picture can get cut off around the edges—this is called overscan. It’s old technology that’s left over from the CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions of yesteryear. Here’s why it existed in the first place, why it’s still used today, and how to (hopefully) turn it off on your TV.

How to Change Your Android TV’s Device Name

Android TV is Google’s attempt at taking over the living room, and with some units being available for under $99, it’s not unheard of for users to have more than one box. The problem is, when multiple devices identify themselves identically on the network, how are you supposed to know which is which? Changing the device name is super simple, and something that you’ll definitely want to do if you have more than one identical Android TV box in your house.

How to Access Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging on Android

Back in Android 4.2, Google hid Developer Options. Since most “normal” users don’t need to access the feature, it leads to less confusion to keep it out of sight. If you need to enable a developer setting, like USB Debugging, you can access the Developer Options menu with a quick trip into the About Phone section of the Settings menu.

How to Enable 4K Content on the Amazon Fire TV

In recent years, 4K content—or Ultra High Definition (UHD)—has become more and more popular. Netflix shoots all of its original shows, like Daredevil and House of Cards, in 4K, giving owners of compatible TVs a viewing experience like never before. Getting 4K to display properly from some services, however, can be tricky.

How to Organize Apps on Android TV 6.0 and Above

Android TV is a nice step up from a simple Chromecast, but up until Marshmallow (Android 6.0), there was no way to customize the app layout on home screens—a serious omission by Google. Now that the newest version of Android TV is available to many of the popular boxes out there, here’s how to get your apps in the order you want.

How to Change Android’s Icon Theme with Nova Launcher

Changing icons in Nova Launcher is one of the easiest ways to truly make your device yours. Everything from setting up a full icon theme to make things clean and concise, to simply changing that one icon you just don’t like is incredibly easy in Nova. And best of all, this feature is available in both the free and paid versions of the launcher, so everyone can take advantage of it.

How to Unroot Your Android Phone

So, you’ve opened the doors of advanced functionality on your Android phone by rooting it. That’s great! You can do stuff with your phone that other people can’t do with theirs. But what happens when things change and you want to unroot it? Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

How to Install Nova Launcher for a More Powerful, Customizable Android Home Screen

One of the beautiful things about Android is choice. If you don’t like the stock configuration of the handset you’re using, it’s simple to change most things out—there are plenty of choices on the Play Store for alternative SMS apps, cameras, and calendars, for example. Of all the options out there, however, changing the launcher arguably makes the biggest impact on overall user experience.