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How to Remove Hyperlinks from Google Docs

Whenever you copy text from the web and paste it into Google Docs, any hyperlinks it contains transfer with it. Here’s how to paste text without hyperlinks or remove links already embedded within a document….

How to Enable Virtual Desk Gestures on Chrome OS

Now that the Virtual Desks feature has come to the Stable Chrome OS channel, we finally received the ability to switch between desks using trackpad gestures. However, to use gestures, you have to enable a hidden flag. Here’s…

How to Wrap Text in Cells in Google Sheets

When you type text in a cell, Google Sheets automatically hides anything that extends beyond the size of the cell. If you don’t want to double-click a cell to see its contents, here’s how to use the wrap text feature….

How to Create a Google Sheets Template

If you find yourself creating the same spreadsheet outline over and over again in Google Sheets, you can save yourself massive amounts of time if you create a template. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step….

How to Wrap Text Around Images in Google Docs

If you want to insert an image or object into a document, it’s relatively simple. However, positioning and getting them to stay where you want can be frustrating. The wrap text feature in Google Docs makes all of this more ma…

How to See Your Chromebook’s End-of-Life Date

There comes a time in your Chromebook’s life when it no longer receives updates from Google. It’s inevitable and could be a lot sooner than you think. Here’s how to see your Chromebook’s scheduled end-of-life date….

How to Create Templates in Google Docs

If you find yourself creating the same outline of a document over and over again, you can save yourself an immense amount of time with a template. Here’s how to create custom-made templates in Google Docs….

How to Make Slides Vertical in Google Slides

When you open a new presentation in Google Slides, the slides are horizontal by default. Luckily, if you want to change them from horizontal to vertical, it’s a simple process you can do in a couple of steps….

How to Create a PDF from a Google Docs Document

PDFs are great for distributing documents around to other parties without worrying about format compatibility across different word processing programs. With Google Docs, you can create a PDF from an existing file without lea…
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