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How to Set Your Default Apps on Windows 11

When using Windows 11, the OS keeps track of which apps open which types of files by default. For example, Notepad usually opens TXT files. Here’s how to change those default file associations in Settings….

How to Enable the Touch Keyboard on Windows 11

If you have a touchscreen PC running Windows 11, an on-screen virtual keyboard can be essential if you want to use it like a tablet. By enabling an icon in your taskbar, you can bring up the touch keyboard at any time. Here’s…

How to Use Teams Chat in Windows 11

It’s easier than ever to quickly communicate with friends, family, or co-workers thanks to Microsoft Teams Chat built into Windows 11 and accessed through a “Chat” button on your taskbar. Here’s how to set it up and start cha…

How to Show Hidden Files on Windows 11

Windows 11 handles hidden files and folders almost identically to versions of Windows that came before it: with special file flags. Showing these hidden files in File Explorer is easy. Here’s how.

How to Hide the Taskbar on Windows 11

In Windows 11, the taskbar takes up a small portion of the screen. Luckily, it’s easy to reclaim that space by configuring the taskbar to hide itself automatically. Here’s how.

How to Always Show Scrollbars in Windows 11

By default, Windows 11 hides most scrollbars when they’re not in use. If you’d prefer to always see scrollbars in windows on your screen, there’s an easy way to keep them on. Here’s how to set it up.

How to Turn Off Animations in Windows 11

Windows 11 includes animation and fading effects that add eye candy but can make your PC feel sluggish for some by adding a slight delay to certain actions. For a more snappy experience, it’s easy to turn animations off. Here…

How to Turn Off Transparency in Windows 11

Windows 11 includes fancy new transparency effects in its windows, taskbar, and some menus. If you don’t like them, it’s easy to disable translucent interface elements in Windows 11 with the flip of a switch. Here’s how….

Apple Hates Fun, Says No More Windows 3.1 on iPads

Say goodbye to DOS on the iPad. We demonstratedĀ how to install Windows 3.1 on an iPadĀ on July 12, 2021, and the media coverage that followed seems to have woken the sleeping giant in Cupertino. Now, Apple plans to pull the …

How to Launch Task Manager in Windows 11

In Windows 11, Task Manager is no longer just a right-click away on the taskbar. Whether you’re troubleshooting or just keeping an eye on your system resources, here are six different ways to launch it instead….
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