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Apple M1 vs. M2: What’s the Difference?

The second generation of Apple Silicon is here. The M2 SOC is Apple’s consumer upgrade to 2020’s M1 in the Mac lineup and beyond. Here’s a look at how the two chips compare—and what it means for future Macs….

How Stop an iPhone App From Using Cellular Data

If you’ve been using up a lot of cellular data on your iPhone recently, one particular app (such as one that streams video) might be using more than others. Here’s how you can prevent an app from using cellular data at all….

How to Set Up Touch ID on an iPhone

Some iPhone models include a biometric security feature called Touch ID that lets you verify your identity with your fingerprint. This saves time because you don’t need to enter passcodes and passwords as often. Here’s how to…

What is Link Rot, and How Does It Threaten the Web?

If you’ve been browsing the web and hit a 404 error page or an unexpected redirection, you’ve seen link rot in action. Over time, the links that hold the web together break, threatening our shared cultural history. Here’s a l…

How to Restart a MacBook Pro

If you’re troubleshooting minor issues with a MacBook Pro, it can help to restart (reboot) your computer. This will reload macOS and give you a fresh start without affecting any of your documents or data. Here’s how to do it….

How to Restart a MacBook Air

If you’re having trouble with your MacBook Air, it’s easy to restart. A restart will completely reboot and reload the macOS operating system, clearing the system’s working memory for a fresh start. None of your data will be a…

Are iPads Waterproof?

Sure, you’ve heard a lot about iPhones being water resistant, but what about iPads? Can you dunk them in the drink without any damage? Let’s take a look—and see what you can do about it.

CMR vs. SMR Hard Drives: What’s the Difference?

Since 2015, hard disk manufacturers have produced a new type of drive: SMR, which stores more data per disk but comes with some drawbacks compared to the conventional storage method, called CMR. Each type has pros and cons—…

Stop Taking Live Photos on iPhone

By default, modern iPhones capture small videos called “Live Photos” every time you take a picture with the Camera app. These Live Photos take up a lot of expensive storage space, and if you don’t use them, they could be wast…

What Is Touch ID on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

Some models of Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac include an authentication feature called “Touch ID,” which lets you use your fingerprint to verify your identity. We’ll explain why it’s useful and how it works….

Which iPhones Have Touch ID?

iPhones with Touch ID look different than iPhones with Face ID, and it can also change how you use certain features on your device. Here’s how to spot a phone with Touch ID—and a list of models that support the feature….
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