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The Best Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad

If you have a keyboard for your Apple iPad or iPad Pro, you can get more out of the experience if you know a handful of the most useful keyboard shortcuts. Here are some of our favorites.

What Is HDMI?

If you’ve set up a TV set or computer monitor recently, you’ve probably come across HDMI ports. But what are they—and how do they differ from other video connectors and standards? We’ll explain.

How to Measure a TV Screen

Sometimes you own a TV set and don’t know what size it is, or you need to measure a TV to see where it will fit. Either way, there are a few ways to do it, and we’ll show you how.

What Is an In-App Purchase?

If you’re familiar with app stores on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and beyond, you’ll encounter the concept of in-app purchases. What are they, and what do they do? We’ll explain.

Is the iPhone 13 Waterproof?

Can your iPhone 13 take a splash in the water without any damage? The answer depends on several factors, which apply to the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max as well. We’ll get to the bottom of this deep bl…

How to Make System Image Backups on Windows 11

If your main OS drive fails in Windows, it can take you a while to get back up to speed even if you have conventional backups. You’ll need to reinstall every app and configure each one to your liking. To avoid that, consider …

How to Change the RDP Port on Windows 11

If you’d like to access your Windows 11 PC remotely, it’s easy to do thanks to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which comes with Pro and Enterprise versions of Microsoft’s OS. Although the default RDP port is 3389, there are ti…

Don’t Put Your TV Over Your Fireplace

Faced with a small living room, I decided to mount our family TV over the fireplace a few years ago. It saved lots of space, but I deeply regret it. Here’s why. (Don’t make the same mistake I did!)

How to Change the RDP Port on Windows 10

It’s easy to use your Windows 10 PC remotely thanks to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which is built into Pro or Enterprise versions of Windows 10. By default, the RDP port is 3389, but you might need to change it. Here’s how…

How to See EXIF Metadata in Photos on iPhone

Every photo you take on your iPhone includes EXIF metadata, which records information about how, when, and where you took the photo. Previously, you needed a special utility to see EXIF metadata on iPhone, but with iOS 15 and…

Why Do Alkaline Batteries Leak?

It happens to the best of us: You open a gadget and see crusty white powder and sometimes metal corrosion inside. Your alkaline batteries have leaked! But why does it always happen? We’ll get to the bottom of it….

What Does Shift+Enter Do in Word?

When you press Enter in Microsoft Word, by default, your cursor will jump ahead two lines. But why does it do this, and is there any way to make it only move ahead one line instead? We’ll show you the answers….

Where Do Screenshots Go on Mac?

If you take a screenshot on your Mac, where does macOS save the screenshot image files? We’ll help you find the screenshot location—and show you how to choose where they end up in the future.
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