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How to Disable Auto-Correct on iPhone and iPad

Are you tired of your iPhone or iPad “fixing” typos when they’re actually correct words, names, places, or terms? Then you should consider turning off auto-correct, which is an easy fix in Settings. Here’s how to do it….

5 Creepy Retro PC Games to Play This Halloween

October means one thing: Halloween. To celebrate, let’s explore five creepy retro PC games from the ’90s (and one from the ’00s) that are still fun to play. Best of all, they’re all available for purchase and play on modern W…

How to Change Your Home Page in Google Chrome

Google Chrome opens with a “New Tab” page by default, but it’s easy to open the browser with a custom startup page instead. You can also set the page that appears when you click an optional “Home” icon on your toolbar. Here’s…

How to Password Protect Photos on iPhone and iPad

Sometimes, you need to protect your iPhone or iPad photos from prying eyes that might also have access to your device. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide an obvious, secure way to do this. However, there’s a work-around tha…

How to Check Which CPU Your Mac Uses

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the number-crunching brain of your Mac. Its characteristics determine how fast your Mac processes information. The type of CPU varies based on which model you have. Here’s how to quickly c…
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