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5 Ways to Eject a Disk on a Mac

Before you unplug a removable drive on a Mac, you should always eject it. Here are five ways to do it with ease—and why you need to eject to begin with.

How to Make Your Mac Announce the Time

Here’s a neat trick: You can make your Mac announce the time out loud on the quarter-hour, the half-hour, or every hour using a hidden feature in System Preferences. Here’s how to set it up.

What Is Amazon Launchpad?

If you’re an Amazon customer looking for quirky and innovative small business-produced goods—or a small business selling online—you might like Amazon Launchpad, a virtual storefront that highlights new and emerging brands…

Why Were Old Video Games So Pixelated?

Most computer and video games created in the 20th century featured blocky, pixelated graphics. If you didn’t grow up with them (or never paid attention to the technical details), you might wonder why. We’ll explore the origin…

How to Add Alt Text to Images on Twitter

Alt Text, or Alternative Text, is an important way to make the web more accessible to people with visual impairments. With Twitter, you can ensure that a wider audience can understand your tweets by adding alt-tags to your i…

How to Make a Facetime Audio Call

Tired of low-quality cell phone calls? Thanks to FaceTime, you can make audio-only calls with crystal-clear high-resolution sound using an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac. Here’s how to do it.

How to Quickly Create QR Codes With Bing

If you’ve ever needed to create a QR code but you didn’t know how, Microsoft has an easy-to-use tool available in any web browser through its Bing search engine. Here’s how to use it.
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