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How to Update an iPhone

If you have an Apple iPhone, you might wonder whether you’re running the latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system (called “iOS”). Here’s how to find out—and how to upgrade if there’s an update available….

How to Allow Pop-Ups in Safari on Mac

By default, Safari on Mac blocks pop-up windows from appearing. If you need to allow pop-ups for certain websites, it’s easy to make the change in Safari Preferences. Here’s how.

What Is Apple’s Find My Network?

If you lose your Apple device or an object tagged with an AirTag, you can utilize a network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices with Bluetooth to help get it back. It’s called the “Find My network,” and here’s how it wor…

How to Take a Screenshot on iPad

Taking a screenshot on an iPad is as easy as pressing two buttons at once on your device—or you can use an alternative onscreen method. Here’s how to do it.
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