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Radio Shack’s First PC: 45 Years of TRS-80

45 years ago, Radio Shack released the TRS-80 Micro Computer System, a 1977 personal computer that launched an era of low-cost PCs along with computers from Apple and Commodore. Here’s what was special about it….

What Is a PLIST File?

If you’ve used a Mac or developed apps for iPhones or iPads, you’ve probably run across a PLIST file at some point. But what is it, and what does “PLIST” mean, anyway? We’ll explain.

Where Is the Calculator App on iPad?

It’s 2022, and for some reason, the iPad still doesn’t ship with a calculator app. The iPhone, Mac, and even the Apple Watch come with a calculator, so it’s a strange omission. Here are some great iPad calculator apps you can…

Why You Need an Offline Backup

Maybe you’re using cloud backups or backups to attached media such as an external hard drive or a NAS. But these days, you also need an offline backup: A copy of your data that is detached from your machine and the Internet. …

What Is Flash Storage?

If you’ve been shopping for an SSD or using memory cards for cameras, you’ll probably encounter the term “flash memory.” But what is flash memory and how does it work? We’ll explain.

Dark Mode Is Overrated, and Here’s Why

In the last few years, dark mode has become increasingly popular for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Some people believe that dark mode is always beneficial, but that opinion isn’t backed by science. Here’s why dark mode i…

10 Hidden Mac Features You Should Be Using

Macs are well-known for being easy to use, but they also have a lot of great features hiding just below the surface that many people never notice. Whether you’re a Mac newbie or a Mac veteran, here are ten great features that…

How to Use Finder Tabs on Mac

On a Mac, Finder is the file management application that comes with every Mac. Thanks to tabs, you can keep multiple folders open in the same window, reducing clutter. Here’s how to use it.

Now Might Be the Best Time to Buy a GPU

Have you noticed? In July 2022, GPU prices are finally reasonable. High GPU prices due to production shortages and increased demand from crypto miners are behind us—at least for now. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade, now m…

TextEdit is Notepad for Mac But Better

If you’re switching to a Mac from Windows, you might be wondering: What is the equivalent of Notepad on a Mac? The answer is TextEdit, and it’s much better than Notepad. Here’s why.
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