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Can You Use a PS4 Controller on a PS5?

If you have a Sony PlayStation 5 and several PlayStation 4 controllers sitting around, you might be wondering: Can I use a DualShock 4 with a PS5? The answer is yes—with a big caveat. We’ll explore the options….

There Is No Metaverse (Yet)

There’s a lot of talk about the metaverse in the media these days, but there’s only one problem: It doesn’t exist—at least not yet. How will we know when it’s actually here? We’ll explore the possibilities….

How to Factory Reset an iPhone 13

If you’re planning on giving away or selling your iPhone 13, you’ll first need to erase your data and account information off of it completely. That’s called a “factory reset,” and it’s easy to do in Settings for iPhone 13, i…

How to Hard Reset an iPhone 13

If your iPhone 13 becomes unresponsive and you can’t shut it down using the normal methods, it’s time to try a forced restart—sometimes called a “hard reset” (which is not to be confused with a factory reset). Luckily, it’s…

How to Restart an iPhone 13

Restarting an iPhone 13 is a great way to troubleshoot problems or simply get a fresh start. We’ll show you several different ways to do it—with instructions that also apply to the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone …

How to Turn On an iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 doesn’t have a visible home button below its screen. You may be used to lifting or tapping it to wake it up, but that won’t work if it’s not already powered on. Here’s how to turn it on.

How to Close Apps on an iPhone 13

Normally, your iPhone 13 keep apps running smoothly in the foreground (or suspended in the background, ready to resume when needed). But if an iOS app misbehaves, it’s easy to force the app to close. Here’s how….

Stop Closing Apps on Your iPhone

If you constantly close apps on your iPhone while attempting to speed things up or save battery life, you’re doing the opposite and making your iPhone perform worse. Here’s why.

What Is Spam, and Why Do We Call It That?

Thanks to the internet, spam isn’t just a type of canned meat product. We all deal with spam at some point or another—but what is it, exactly, and why do we call it that? We explore the history and rationale behind the term…

How to Screenshot on an iPhone 13

To capture an image of what you see on your iPhone 13’s screen, it’s easy to take a screenshot. We’ll show you how with instructions that also work for the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max….

How to Turn Off an iPhone 13

To help troubleshoot or save battery life, sometimes you need to completely restart or shut down your iPhone 13. We’ll show you how to do it—with instructions that also apply to the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone…

How to Set Your Default Email App on Windows 10

Sending emails in Windows 10 is easy with the right email client, but what if you click an email link and the wrong app opens? Luckily, it’s easy to select a default email app in Windows 10’s Settings app. Here’s how to do it…

What Are Lumens in Lighting?

While shopping for LED strip lights, smart lights, or regular light bulbs, you’ll likely see mention of “lumens” or “lm” somewhere on the packaging or in the marketing materials. But what are lumens? We shed some light on the…

Where Are My Downloads on Windows?

If you’ve downloaded a file using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox on Windows 10 or 11, You can usually find it in a special folder called “Downloads.” Even if you saved the file somewhere else, we’ll give you some tips on where to l…

How to Turn Off Your Nintendo Switch

Although putting your Nintendo Switch to sleep is easy, powering down your Switch off completely (or restarting it) requires an extra step that’s not obvious. Here’s how to do it.

How to Change Your Microsoft Account Name

You might need to change your Microsoft Account name in Office 365 or Windows 11 for whatever reason. Luckily, it’s easy to do with a visit to a special Microsoft Account website. Here’s how.
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