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Where Did the Term “Computer User” Come From?

We use the term “computer user” frequently, but with so many people who purchase computers, why not say “computer owner,” “computer customer,” or something else? We dug into the history behind the term and found something we …

How to Download Files From GitHub

If you’re trying to download a program, file, or source code from GitHub, finding the right download link can be confusing. We’ll give you some tips so you can locate the right download link on any GitHub project page….

Why Was Atari Called Atari?

With powerful branding and design, Atari became a household name in video games and computers during the 1970s and early ’80s. We’ll explain how its founders came up with the name and what it means.

How to Safely Pack and Ship Fragile Electronics

If you need to ship something bulky or fragile, such as a computer case, CRT monitor, priceless video game retail box, stereo component, or otherwise, it can be tricky to protect it from damage. We’ll show you how….

How to Install an App or Game on Your iPhone

So you’ve just got your first iPhone—or you’ve only used your phone for simple tasks—and you haven’t installed an app before. With apps, an iPhone can do so much more than just call, text, or snap photos. Here’s how to in…

Why Is Everything a Subscription Now?

From streaming services to software to content, it feels like we’re constantly shelling out money every month to keep access to the things we want. So what’s behind this shift, and is there anything you can do about it?…

How to Change the Font on iPhone

If you’re unhappy with text on your iPhone—whether it’s too small, too hard to read, or you can’t find the style you want—we’ve gathered up some solutions that can help. You can’t change the system font face, but you have…

What is VGA?

You’ve probably seen a VGA video connector on the back of a TV set, video projector, or even on a computer. We’ll explain what it is, where it came from, and help you decide if you should use it.

How to Hard Reset an iPhone 12

If you can’t shut down or restart your iPhone 12 using the usual methods, you can try a forced restart (sometimes called a “hard reset”), which will not affect your data. Here’s how to do it using three buttons on your iPhone…

5 Great Programming Languages for Kids

If you’re a teacher or you have a kid interested in programming, it can be confusing to sort out the dozens of options available. We’ve picked five great programming languages (and environments) that will give kids a head sta…

How to Enable Night Shift on iPad

If you’re working on your iPad late at night, the bluish light of the screen might strain your eyes and can potentially make it harder to go to sleep. Luckily, Apple includes a feature called Night Shift that tints the screen…

10 Awesome iPad Features You Should Be Using

Whether you’re an iPad veteran or newbie, Apple’s tablet packs so many features that some of them might have slipped under your radar. Let’s take a look at ten great features that every iPad owner should use….

What Is a Pixel?

In our age of digital media, we often take for granted the humble pixel. But what exactly is a pixel, and how did it come to be such an important part of our lives? We’ll explain.

Fix: Why Is My Apple TV Remote Not Working?

If your Apple TV remote (or Siri Remote) isn’t working properly, playing shows or selecting apps can be impossible. We’ll show you why it might be happening and what you can do about it, starting with the steps you should try…

How to Restart an Apple TV

If you’re having trouble with your Apple TV—if it has become unresponsive or buggy, for example—it’s a good idea to completely restart the device itself, which can fix many issues. Here’s how to do it….

What Is an LED?

You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about LEDs, whether in TV sets, light bulbs, smartphones, or otherwise. But what are they, and how are they different from other light sources? We’ll explain….

10 Great iPhone Features You Should Be Using

There’s a lot to love about the iPhone, and it can be overwhelming at times. Apple’s smartphone includes thousands of handy features tucked away in places you might never discover unless someone told you about them. With that…

How to See the First Amazon Purchase You Ever Made

Amazon.com has been around since 1995, which gives people plenty of time to build a long history with the site. It’s especially fun to look back at first Amazon order you ever placed, since Amazon keeps records going back to …

What Is a Universal Binary on Mac?

To ease the transition into Apple Silicon Macs, Apple allows developers to create a Universal Binary, which is an app file that can run on both older Intel and modern Apple Silicon Macs. We’ll explain what they are and how th…

10 New Windows 11 Features You Should Be Using

Whether you’ve been using Windows 11 for a while now or you’re just getting started with a new Windows 11 PC, there are some handy new features that you might have missed. Here are ten great ones you should be using….

How to Change the Screen Saver on Mac

If you’d like to add some personal graphical flair to your Mac—or prevent burn-in on an OLED, plasma, or CRT display—macOS lets you select from a number of attractive screen savers. Here’s how to set it up….

What Is Rosetta 2 on Mac?

If you have a Mac that uses Apple Silicon, you might have heard about Rosetta 2. It’s a critical part of macOS that enables compatibility with applications designed for Intel Macs. We’ll explain.

Why Is My Phone Charger Hot, and Should I Worry?

If you’ve ever noticed that your iPhone or Android phone charger is warm or hot to the touch after using it, you may be wondering why this is happening and if it’s something to worry about. Here’s what you need to know….
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