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How Do You Reopen a Windows Firewall Prompt?

If you are setting up a new program that needs network access, but are not paying close enough attention, you might end up accidentally causing Windows firewall to block the program. How do you fix such a mistake? Today’s Sup…

What Is the Oval Hole on Computer Hardware For?

For the most part, it is no mystery what the various openings on the outside of our computer hardware are for—most are ports. But what about that oval port that doesn’t match your usual cables? Sometimes it has a “lock” sym…

Enjoy Safer Web Browsing with WOT

Need a quick and easy way to tell if a website is bad news for you to visit?  With a quick installation, WOT (Web of Trust) provides security and peace of mind while browsing the Internet.

How Do You Adjust Google Chrome’s UI Scaling?

Everything can be going along nicely until a program gets a new update that suddenly turns everything into a visual mess, like scaling up the UI, for example. Is there a simple solution? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has som…

Why Do Scanners Use PDF as the Default File Format?

Nearly all software has a particular format that it automatically defaults to when creating a new document or file, but occasionally the chosen format does not seem to intuitively make sense. With that in mind, today’s SuperU…

Can a Hard Drive Be Designated as Non-Removable?

Most of the time, when you upgrade or change the hardware on your computer, Windows tends to accept it without a problem. But what do you do if Windows keeps “seeing” and listing a new permanent hard drive as removable? Today…
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