Could Wi-Fi be Harmful to a Newborn Baby?

Wi-Fi has become such an ingrained part of our everyday lives that we tend not to give it much thought unless it has stopped working. But what if your family has a newborn baby in the house? Are there any dangers that new parents should be aware of?

How do You Find Out the IP Address for a Website?

Whether you are in it just for a bit of geeky fun, or are seriously wanting to know the answer, how do you find out the IP address for a website? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post looks at the answer, and how to know if more than one website is bound to the same IP address.

What are the Dangers of an Untrusted USB Drive?

Using trusted USB drives that you own on your up-to-date, well-secured operating system is one thing, but what if your best friend stops by with their USB drive and wants you to copy some files to it? Does your friend’s USB drive pose any risks to your well-secured system, or is it just baseless fear?

Where is the BIOS Stored?

For those who are new to learning about computers, the BIOS may seem a bit ‘mysterious’ to some individuals, and generate questions like “Where, and how, is the BIOS stored on my computer?” Today’s SuperUser Q&A looks at the answer to these questions.

Is it Safe to Commute with a Laptop Powered Up and Running?

For many of us, our lives can be quite hectic and busy at times, so the temptation to get as much done as possible while on the go has a lot of appeal. But is it really a good idea to have our laptops powered up and running while in a backpack or bag as we commute between locations, or is it an invitation for trouble?

What is the Difference Between a Quick and Full Format?

Both types of formatting will get you on your way to setting up a new operating system, but is one version of formatting preferable to, or better than, the other? What is the difference between the two? We explore the answer to those questions in today’s SuperUser Q&A post.

What are the Benefits of Using a Proxy?

You have likely heard other people discussing the use of a proxy to bypass web filters at work, or to browse the internet anonymously, but wondered if a proxy would actually be that useful to you or not. Today’s post looks at the benefits a proxy could bring to your browsing experience.

New Google Voice Search Extension now Available for Chrome

Have you ever been in a position where your hands were full, or covered in ‘something’ that you wanted to keep away from your keyboard, but needed to search for something on Google at the same time? Whether it is finding out what the forgotten ingredient for the dish you are cooking is, or the next step you need to perform on your work-in-progress, Google has you covered with their new Voice Search extension!