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Windows 11 Has New CPU and RAM Monitoring Widgets

Ever fired up the Task Manager to see how many resources your PC is consuming? Now there’s an easier way. Thanks to new widgets by Microsoft added to Windows 11, that data is a click away, as it can now sit in your widget tra…

Logitech’s New MX Mice and Keyboards Look Great

If there’s one brand that comes off the top of our heads when we think about PC peripherals, it’s definitely Logitech. The company’s keyboards and mice have been at the top of everyone’s desk for years. Now, the company has a…

The Vivaldi Browser Is Coming to iPhone

Safari is a good browser, but if you’re using an iPhone, you’ve probably been tempted by the many choices that are present on the Apple App Store. Now, a new one is joining the list, as the Vivaldi browser is working on an i…

Mozilla Is Giving Thunderbird Mail a New Logo

It’s been often said that Thunderbird, despite having active support for years, has remained a little… Stagnant. The app still looks a lot like the email client that became popular in the 2000s, which isn’t a great thing. L…
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