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Your Google TV Will Now Show You More Ads

No one likes ads, but an argument can be made that they’re a necessary evil. After all, if you’re getting free service, money needs to come in from somewhere. Google TV already has a decent number of advertisements, but now m…

This Tiny MSI PC is Packed With Power

Following the example set by the Mac Mini, many Windows-powered compact PCs have popped up recently with solid hardware. If none have quite caught your eye, though, maybe this PC by MSI will.

T-Mobile Just Had a Data Breach

2022 was filled to the brim with data breaches, and it sure looks like 2023 is not going to be any different. T-Mobile has just warned users about another data breach compromising their personal information….

Malware is Sneaking Into Google Search Ads

Malware and viruses always, always, find a way. You need to be extra careful while browsing online, but sometimes, malware can still pop up in the places you least expect it — including in Google Search ads….

Wikipedia Has a Fresh New Look

Wikipedia has largely looked the same for the last decade, with no major variations to its design. Now, though, Wikipedia has rolled out what might be its largest redesign ever.

How to Choose an AIO Cooler

If you’re shopping parts for a gaming PC, you might be considering an aftermarket water cooling solution. There are plenty of options out there, but which one should you choose, and what factors should you take into account?…

More People Are Buying Used Phones

You don’t always need the greatest, shiniest thing when it comes to smartphones. After all, a new phone is often a very expensive purchase. More people are realizing that, as new numbers show used phones are more popular than…

The Samsung Galaxy A54 Is Almost Here

Samsung’s Galaxy A lineup is perfect for people who don’t want to pay a thousand dollars (or more) on a smartphone, and the next mid-range entry could arrive as soon as next week.
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