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How To Clean Up and Delete Docker Images

Docker images can be very large, and if you work with containers often, it may be taking up a lot of your storage. We’ll discuss how to clean up your downloaded images and delete old files that you don’t need….

How to Use Git Hooks For Commit Automation

Git hooks are bash scripts that run before or after Git commands, such as commits and pushes. They allow you to automate repetitive actions in your repository, as well as apply filters and checks to your Git workflow….

How to View Commit History With Git Log

Git tracks commits over time, allowing you to follow the progression and history of your code. While you can always use Github online to view the public repository, navigating your local repo requires the use of CLI tools to …

How to Store Large Files in Git

Git, as well as services like Github, are built and optimized for lightweight text-based code files, and it’s rare to see repositories larger than a few GB. But, it’s often useful to track large files, and to make that easier…

What’s New In Visual Studio 2022?

Visual Studio 2022 has now been officially released alongside .NET 6, which it supports. It includes many new features and improvements, such as AI IntelliCode that can auto-complete chunks of code for you….
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