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How to Remap the Office Key on Your Keyboard

The Office Key is a new key that you’ll find on Microsoft keyboards. It lets you quickly launch apps like Word, but you can remap it with AutoHotkey to act as an extra modifier key or disable the app shortcuts altogether….

How to Overclock Your Computer’s RAM

RAM often comes from the factory with a lower speed than the silicon is capable of. With a few minutes in your BIOS and a bit of testing, you can get your memory to run faster than the manufacturer’s specifications….

How to Watch Videos at Faster Speeds

Who said you had to watch videos at their normal speed? Speed up playback to get through slow lectures or binge-watch a slow TV series. These tips work with YouTube, Netflix, local videos, and anything you can stream in Chrom…

How to Watch Netflix in 4K on a Mac

Watching 4K Netflix on a Mac is unnecessarily complicated. It’s not currently supported in macOS, so you’ll need to run Windows on your Mac—and even then you’ll still be limited to the Edge browser. But it can be done….

Why Can’t You Use a TV as a Monitor?

Televisions and computer monitors are similar and use mostly the same technology to drive the panels. You can usually use a TV with your computer, but they’re made for a different market and aren’t the same as monitors….

How to Remove Duplicate Songs From iTunes

If you do a lot of downloading outside the iTunes store, songs in your library can get jumbled up, leaving you with duplicate albums. If you’d like to know whether you’ve downloaded something twice, it’s easy to tell in iTune…

How to Subscribe to Calendars on Mac

There’s an open standard for calendars called the iCalendar specification that lets programs like the Calendar app on macOS subscribe to online calendars and auto-update. Most calendar apps will support this format, includin…

How to List All Applications on a Mac

MacOS applications are installed a bit differently than Windows. Since they’re almost always single .app files, you can move them around your hard drive much easier. Here’s how to track down the ones you lost….
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