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How to grep Search Text From PowerShell

grep is a powerful text searching utility on Linux, but it isn’t available on Windows. While there are third party ports and solutions, PowerShell offers built-in equivalents to grep that will do the same job in your script…

How to Upload Files Over FTP With PowerShell

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a common service used to transfer files between clients and servers. It’s often useful to automate these file transfers, and PowerShell scripts can come in handy to speed up this process….

What’s the Best grep Alternative on Windows?

Linux’s grep utility is a favorite among many sysadmins for its simple searching ability and familiar syntax. It’s not available on Windows however, so you’ll have to either use alternatives, or install third-party grep too…

How To Show Only Filenames with grep on Linux

grep is a Linux utility for searching text files. By default, it will print out the results of the search, but it can also be used to match and print file names that contain the search result, which can be useful when connec…

How To Reduce Your AWS Data Usage Bill

It’s no secret that AWS’s pricing is high, and data in particular comes at a premium. The compute may be cheap, with services like Lambda functions and EC2 instances, but if you’re transferring out a lot of data, you’re gonna…

Do You Really Need Kubernetes (K8s)?

Kubernetes has a reputation for being complicated. While it’s a fantastic piece of software, sometimes the benefits may not outweigh the added complexity, especially for small businesses managing simple deployments. Is plain …

How To Use Docker with a UFW Firewall

Surprisingly, Docker does not work out of the box with Linux’s “Universal Firewall,” or UFW. They both modify the same iptables configuration, and this can lead to misconfigurations exposing containers that weren’t supposed t…
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