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How Do Git Branches Work?

Branches are a core feature of Git’s version tracking and are used constantly by teams working on the same software codebase. We’ll dive into how they work under the hood, and how you can use them to improve your Git workflow…

How To Stop and Start AWS EC2 Spot Instances

Spot instances are AWS’s way to sell off unused server capacity when demand isn’t high. They are much cheaper, but come with a lot of restrictions, such as being interruptable and more complicated to start, stop, and run for …

How to Debug Your Application’s Performance

Application performance can be a critical issue for many businesses. After all, server hosting costs directly affect your bottom line, so using a performance profiling tool to debug the code you run can end up saving you mone…

How to Remove a Commit From Github

If you accidentally committed something you shouldn’t have, and pushed it to Github, there are still ways to delete or modify it. Usually, you don’t want to mess with Git’s history, but in some cases it can be safe when done …
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