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What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor

A good gaming monitor can improve your gameplay right away. They have key features that can help you see and react to your opponents faster, but they’re also useful for any activity. Here are the specs to look for….

How to Choose the Perfect Mouse Pad

Tired of replacing cheap mouse pads that wear out quickly? Or maybe you want to upgrade to something bigger or better? Here’s what you need to know when choosing the perfect mouse pad.

Is a 240Hz Monitor Worth It?

When shopping for monitors, you’ll see some with high refresh rates—like 120hz, 240Hz, or even higher. So are they even worth the premium price tag usually attached to these monitors? Let’s look at the benefits, limits, and…

Hard vs. Soft Mouse Pad: Which Is Better?

Hard mouse pads provide a smooth, level surface for your mouse to glide across quickly. Soft pads can do the same thing, so which is better? Let’s discuss the differences to see which you might prefer….

How Close Should You Talk Into Your Microphone?

If you’re spending significant amounts of time in front of a microphone for streaming or podcasting, you probably want to find the optimal setup for your equipment. Here’s what to know about finding the sweet spot for your mi…

Why You Want RGB Lighting on Your Gaming Gear

Do you know those cool, flashy, and colorful lights on gaming gear? Those are RGB lights! Even though most people think they’re just for show, RGB lighting can be way more beneficial than you think. Here’s why….

What to Look for in a Gaming Headset

Want to take your gaming up a notch? A gaming headset will help give you the competitive advantage you need to come out on top. Here are all the main factors to consider when shopping for a gaming headset….

When to Replace Your Old Computer or Laptop

We all have an old computer or laptop laying around that we just can’t let go. Unfortunately, there comes a time when it’s better to upgrade to something faster and more secure. Here’s when to replace your old device….

How You Can Get Banned as a Twitch Viewer

Love watching and chatting with your favorite streamers on Twitch? Well, if you’re not careful, you may receive a temporary or permanent ban from a streamer’s channel. Here’s what it takes to get banned as a viewer….

When to Replace Your Old Monitor

While it’s easy to get attached to tech you’ve used for years, a run-down monitor with poor image quality and hardware issues keeps you from experiencing the best in productivity and entertainment. Here’s how to know it’s tim…

When to Replace Your Old USB Flash Drive

Still using an outdated USB flash drive to store your files? Why not upgrade to a newer, bigger, and faster stick that will last you for years to come? Here’s why you might want to replace your old USB stick….

The Best SSDs for Gaming in 2023

Gaming SSDs need to be fast, high-capacity, and able to run the latest games without any hiccups. Having trouble finding the perfect one for you? We can help.

How You Can Get Banned on Twitch as a Streamer

Streaming on Twitch is a great way to connect with your fans and build a following, but you must follow the rules of the platform. Failing to do so could result in a permanent loss of your streaming and Twitch privileges….

Should You Upgrade to an Ultrawide Monitor?

If you’ve shopped for a computer monitor lately, you’ve probably seen retailers touting their ultrawide monitors. So is the immersive experience they offer worth the premium price, and can they boost your productivity? Let’s …

When to Replace Your Old Keyboard

Is your keyboard comfortable to use all day long? Is typing feel effortless and your time on the computer enjoyable? Here’s when you might want to consider replacing your old keyboard.
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