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There was recently a lot of noise in the tech news world about the iPhone and iPad keeping a tracking log of your location, and while that’s now in the past, you might want to consider encrypting your backups anyway. Here’s how to do it.

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Mastering the keyboard will not only increase your navigation speed but it can also help with wrist fatigue. Here are some lesser known OS X shortcuts to help you become a keyboard ninja.

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If you do have an application freeze, your best bet will be to try and force quit the application first. It that doesn’t work, or your device is completely frozen, you can force reboot your device instead.

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If you’re one of those people who need to know what you need to do all the time, then putting a todo list on your desktop will help you immensely. Here’s how to create your own as a constant reminder.

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Getting through thousands of emails is tough when your mail client is bloated and cluttered. OS X’s default mail client,, is a pretty minimal application by itself, but how can we make it more minimal, and by extension, efficient?

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Say you want to download a torrent on your home computer, but you’re away from home. Sure, you could just take a laptop and download it on that, but that’s hardly ideal most of the time. So how do you accomplish this?

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