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How to Get to Japan from the U.S. According to Google Maps [Classic Funny Image]

That part of the trip should only take a few minutes, right?

So THAT’S how I get to Japan from the USA. Thanks google maps! (Larger Version) [via Reddit]

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  • Published 12/8/11

Comments (9)

  1. Barbossa

    And, soon after, you have to get to Kamehameha Highway.

  2. steve

    From London to France you used to have to swim across the English Channel

  3. TheBeard

    This is actually pretty old. Lots of things like this in GMaps

  4. the dub

    Next comes the law suits for someone who actually tried following their instructions and injured themselves lol.

  5. Tyler

    At least the path they put you on is near some islands… just in case your trip goes awry.

  6. Saman

    I know that is not correct way but on the map closest way is a bowed way because the earth is globular :-)

  7. indianacarnie


  8. kevalin

    The one from China to Taiwan is a bit like this– only minus the kayak!

  9. Spoko

    This is how I get to work everday!

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