Are you looking for a good way to keep up with your Google Tasks List? Now you can keep your tasks list close at hand each time you open a new tab with the New Tab to Tasks extension.


The default new tab page in Chrome is useful but it would be nice to change or access some different features in it. Perhaps you would like a way to quickly access your “Google Tasks List” instead while browsing.

New Tab to Tasks in Action

As soon as you open a new tab your “Google Tasks List” is ready to go. If you happen to be having one of those extra busy days at work then every new tab will be a helpful reminder to keep you focused and on target. And everyone can certainly do with less of those last second “Oh no! I forgot all about that!” panic moments.

Note: If you are not already signed into your Google account in your browser then you will need to login.

Notice that you can have multiple instances open if desired.

Multiple instances can be especially helpful if you have more than one window open while working.


If you tend to forget about your “Google Tasks List” while busy then this extension will definitely be helpful in keeping you focused on what you need to get done. Those new tabs will make perfect reminders throughout the day.


Download the New Tab to Tasks extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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