Are you frustrated with the default tab behavior in Chrome? Then the Modified Tab Ordering extension might be just what you have been looking for.


Most people usually have a favorite set of webpages that they open when they start their day, but different preferences in how they like for new tabs opened from the original(s) to behave.

The default behavior in Chrome is for new tabs to open “relative” to the original and therefore be “grouped together” as shown here with these two How-To Geek webpages. But not all people care for that and prefer for new tabs to be opened at the far right end of the “Tab Bar”.


Once again here is our set of “starter webpages” with the same link being opened in a new tab. This time that new tab is all the way at the end of the “Tab Bar” waiting to be viewed after the “starter webpages” have been sorted through.

Closing “starter webpages” will produce a very satisfying behavior…

A perfect precession of tabs in a “left to right” order. Once you have finished with your “starter webpages” you can enjoy viewing all of those new tabs in just the order that you opened them.


This extension should be a perfect fit for you if you are someone who prefers sorting through your “starter webpages” first then viewing newly opened tabs in successive “left to right” order.


Download the Modified Tab Ordering extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

Akemi Iwaya
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