InstantWild: Identify Animals From Around the World; Help Scientists

By Jason Fitzpatrick on November 17th, 2011

Web-based/iPhone: InstantWild is an iOS and web application that displays research cameras from around the world; help scientists by turning your eco-voyeurism into positive identification of endangered species.

It’s a neat mashup of a fun application and legitimate research. There are hundreds of remote cameras set up around the world, designed to capture photographs of animals (especially endangered ones) in their native habitats. When you visit InstantWild (or load the app on your iPhone) you’re treated to pictures from all around the world. In the course of browsing those photos from around the world you can help out by tagging the animals in the photos to assist zoologists and other scientists in their research.

Hit up the link below to check out the web-based version and even grab a copy for your phone.

InstantWild [via Wired]

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  • Published 11/17/11
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