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Ask the Readers: Favorite Web Clipping Tool?

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Bookmarking is great if you want a link to visit later, but what if you want to save the page itself for later perusal? This week we want to hear all about your favorite web clipping tool and how you use it to read what you want, when you want it.

Web clipping tools are simple tools (browser extensions, bookmarklets, etc.) that make it easy to clip text and multimedia elements from web pages in order to archive them and/or read them at a later date. Whether you clip to a bursting at the seams web-notebook or you clip to send to your Kindle, we want to hear about your favorite tools and how they fit into your reading workflow.

Sound off in the comments and then make sure to check back on Friday for the What You Said roundup where we highlight popular picks and clever tips.

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  • Published 11/16/11

Comments (54)

  1. Don

    OneNote greatest thing to come out of microsoft since dos. Pulls pages complete with links. Takes notes etc

  2. Alex

    I use Evernote’s web cliper in Chrome.

  3. tyler78

    Scrapbook of course. Completely free. Everything you save, you save locally.

  4. Richard

    When in Windows – Evernote desktop 4.1 – it does everything that OneNote ever did for me.

    When in Linux – NixNote

    When on web – Chrome or Firefox clipper for Evernote

  5. Steven

    Evernote Firefox

  6. Arston

    I use OneNote

  7. catester

    I use Evernote with the Web Clipper extension in Firefox.

  8. Anonymous

    In order to clip a page I just cut and paste from the page itself. Usually, I highlight an area of a web page I am interested in – or the whole page – and then right-click it to copy it to my clipboard. Then I’ll open something like Open Office Writer and paste whatever is in my clipboard into a new document (and keep the page open in my browser during all this so that any pictures or other database data might be included too). This way, I can even edit the final document or save the document as a PDF which is usually what I end up doing.

    And for the really stubborn pages, I might resort to the old print-screen method (using that mysterious “Prt Sc” key) to save the page as a graphic file possibly followed by some edits using something like GiMP. Or I might even use my browsers own ctrl-s (save page as) method possibly followed by some edits using notepad.

    Point is, I almost never need any extra tools to “clip” 99-percent of the web pages I encounter. Simply cutting and pasting usually works quite well. But I will admit that it’s a little more of a PITA than just bookmarking a web page. Then again (& IMO), bookmarking is supposed to be quick and easy as opposed to any actual page clipping.

  9. Emil Dusio

    Years ago I used Print Screen Deluxe from American Systems. Recently using Snap 5 from Ashampoo, many options for capturing and formats for saving.

  10. Ramon Barrios

    Evernote everywhere: in my Macbook Pro, my iPhone, my iPad, in the web (when using other people’s computers)

  11. Greg Schultz

    One Note, hands down for Windows users. Clip is tightly integrated into OS. I haven’t yet found a page presentation I couldn’t clip.

  12. Bugalugs

    Evernote on W7, OSX & iPhone

  13. Jodi

    It probably doesn’t have quite as much capability as others, but I use Read it Later.

  14. Amin

    I just use Read It Later if I want the whole website. For little snippets here and there, I use ScreenPresso.

  15. HaTaIIIa

    Clip to Evernote for Chrome :)

  16. Afif Rais

    Evernote rulez. The others are just distractions.

  17. Amir

    Evernote on Chrome and iPad

  18. Alekib

    Opera Ctrl+S create a “single file web archive”: in one file all images & text of the page.
    Opera…what else? :)

  19. JuergenK

  20. crearank

    read it later va como piña

  21. Josh

    Evernote in Chrome.

  22. Fraser

    Evernote for Chrome, iPad and Android

  23. Tony

    I like Pearl Crescent Page Saver, to at least save a snapshot on an entire page, or a visible portion, as an image. Sometimes I don’t need links and all that, I just want a page of instructions or something to that tune, as an image. It does JPEG and PNG, and it’s a browser extension for at least Firefox that I know of.

  24. Laurel

    Evernote! That way I always have that info handy on all my computers & phone, at work, home, etc. I can make notes to it and it is always available! It’s the best all around app I’ve found for this use! :)

  25. Michelle

    I use evernote in safari, chrome, and Firefox and diigo in all three for bookmarks

  26. Michaelle

    One word OneNote, the best. and for free the evernote application.

  27. CareyV

    One Note is fantastic. I started using it with MS Office 2010 and I don’t know what I did without it.

  28. blevels


    Is lean, clean & mean. I’ve tried OneNote and Evernote in the past, but Springpad is
    hands down my favorite.

  29. Anonymous

    Evernote is the best application I’ve seen in a long time. I use the web clipper frequently.

  30. Cyrus

    The archival account costs 25$/y but is a keeper. It complements very well the best bookmarking site on the web.

  31. Dave

    The best one which I have come across is, READ IT LATER.
    You simply click on the read it later icon and it saves that page, you then simply click on Read it later and there it is.

  32. DevonJ

    My favorite:

  33. Em

    Springpad – love that when I save things I want to buy for later, I get alerts and updates with change in price, promos, coupons, and other stuff; Springpad keeps things updated and relevant, so it’s not just sitting there stagnant for when I next decide to meander through my notebooks. Plus, it’s on basically every mobile device plus web apps, Chrome/Firefox plug-ins, and it’s free to take with me everywhere I go!

  34. Chris Raisin

    I have always been AMAZED at the capabilities of SnagIt32 in relation to anything to do wih screen capture,saving,manipulation etc.

    But after reaading some of the comments left, I will investigate OneNote for quick screen capture for later review. OneNote to me seemed only to be like a glorified “NotePad” in my mind and I have never really used it! Maybe I have some surprises in store (although SnagIt is so cool, I doubt I will change my methods).

  35. Rick

    ‘Send to Reader’ a Firefox add-on that takes the article from the web page and sends it to your Kindle for reading later.

  36. PaulW

    Evernote clippers for Firefox and Chrome

  37. knightspawn5

    Evernote in Chrome

  38. T.A.

    Springpad for Chrome/iPad – Notes, bookmarks, news, recipes, it saves & syncs everything.

  39. Frank but I’ll take a look at Evernote to see what it’s all about.

  40. Dave Richer

    Save as MHT with UnMHT for Firefox

  41. Michael

    PrintWhatYouLike to eliminate ads or isolate particular sections, Then PDFCreator to save as pdf.

  42. Deb

    PicPick. Good screen capture program. Completely free. Able to capture screen snippets, entire acreen, entire web page with/without scroll. Edit. Save to images , pdf, etc. Send to email , social media sites. Totally free download. Can use on or offline. All features free forever, no limited trial use. User friendly.

  43. J. Bryan

    Clip Cashe is the best..Have used it for years.

  44. Andy

    I use joliprint. It converts the useful of the web page content into a PDF and you download it. Easy!

  45. Tracy Verlin

    I use the Windows 7 Snipping tool combined with OneNote, depending on what I am doing. In some cases, I just use OneNote. Again depending on what content I am after.

  46. bryan patton

    I usually just print the page using the Adobe PDF printer, and save it where I want it.

  47. Angela Rutherford

    One Note!!!

  48. Betty

    I often “print” the web page to a pdf file (using doPDF – an excellent freebie), then save the file in my “to do” list and read it when I get around to it. If it’s a “How To” page (quite often from HTG), I save the pdf file in a folder for computer how-to’s.

  49. Zavi

    Snipping Tool comes free with windows.

  50. Haeriz

    I use Evernote, Springpad and Read it Later according to the webpage content and my mood.

  51. Charles

    OneNote .. i never liked Evernote ..

  52. Bill M.

    I have used EverNote in the past (and still keep it and the data) but I’ve been using SpringPad ( on all my devices as my main note-taking/clipping repository service. I’m still evaluating it, but have been pretty happy with it so far.
    I primarily use Ubuntu Linux on my personal laptop, Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux at work, Android-based phone, and now an iPad2 (from work) – there’s support for SpringPad (and Evernote) on all these systems.
    BTW – I installed the Windows executable of EverNote on my Linux laptop via Wine – piece of cake!

  53. Ian

    Screencaptureprint in windowz

  54. Charnita Fance

    Definitely Evernote on both Windows and Mac!

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