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The New and Improved Version of Internet Explorer 9 [Funny Image]

The New Internet Explorer [9GAG]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/17/11

Comments (30)

  1. jack gilmore

    I managed to make something like this in Visual Basic.
    I may improve it to this :D

  2. Midnight

    Good one! Just the way it should be! :)

  3. ALI

    Should be given a title under the browser icons for better readability

  4. UltimatePSV

    Come on, why is everyone hating on IE? IE9 is actually really good.

  5. Knight

    They just can’t admit that microsoft finally got it right

  6. Craig S

    What’s the deal with the immature posts? What happened to when HTG actually showed people how to do stuff?

    Are we really to imply that IE9 has no practical benefits to spar with a single other browser out there?

  7. MJ

    @Craig S: +1.

    Years ago there could be several days with no articles on HTG. Now you can’t get 2 hours without a new comic, wallpaper, icon set, non-funny image like this one, and so on.

    Just go to to see a blast-from-the-past impression on how great HTG was back on 2007.

    I still recommend this webpage and I love it, but with no other method to filter all this stuff, I think I will have to switch to, at the risk of losing some minor but useful tips that sometimes are published.

  8. 99er

    Way to over analyze the [Funny Image] thread Craig, even geeks can have fun too you know. It’s not all hard work and no play.

    you must be the resident buzz killington Craig.

  9. The Geek

    Perhaps we should write an article explaining how to NOT click on articles that you don’t want to read. It’s actually pretty easy… there’s even a scroll button included on a mouse, which allows you to bypass things that aren’t for you.

    There’s lots of Windows people that don’t want to read about Linux, and Linux people that don’t want to read Windows. There’s no way we can write Only articles that Everybody wants to read. There’s also lots of people that have a sense of humor and enjoy some levity in their day, and so we post a funny picture here or there.

    And as MJ mentions, your best bet is to subscribe to the Features instead: which is where we put our best articles.

  10. me

    I think you posted that pic b4

  11. T.A.

    Opera is 1st! Yes!

  12. Anonymous

    It’s amazing that so many people who hate Microsoft choose to use Microsoft products like Windows and XBox.

    Amazingly stupid, that is. Cause if you really wanted to stick it to Microsoft then you might try and NOT USE THEIR PRODUCTS!

    It’s only a matter of time before Apple is run into the ground (again) now that heir Fuhrer Steve is dead. But Microsoft just might stay afloat from all the idiots who complain about them and yet continue to pay Microsoft the privilege to use Microsoft products.

    But that’s not the best part. The true consumer idiocy comes when you consider the fact that people will complain and demonstrate their loathing for Microsoft over a product which is (and always has been) FREE!

    Ya, sure. IE only runs on Windows. But can you actually say that Mozilla, which was doing business as Netscape not too long ago, has never charged money to use their browser?!

    Give me a break! Use IE or don’t. Just stop making this browser choice a “I hate Microsoft because…” issue.

  13. Randolph McGhee

    I subscribe to the RSS in Google Reader and yes, I can skip it but the stupid image has already been seen by that point…what has been seen and all that. For me, the thing that made this post irritating is that there was another IE bashing “funny” image a few days ago. I use FF and Chrome but I’m no zealot about it – if MS comes out with something as easily extensible as FF then I’d seriously consider it – the core of IE is actually pretty good these days.

  14. Meena Bassem

    now that’s what i call good work by microsoft

  15. indianacarnie

    I thought it was Hilarious myself! Awful lot of mirthless people in the world I guess. C’mon people….. laugh a little bit. Sad state when “Jackass” can be considered funny and something truly witty can draw all this………

    Thank you Asian Angel as always for TRYING to spread some happiness of which there is not enough in this world.

  16. Asian Angel

    @indianacarnie – Thank you. ^_^

  17. LASERman

    “They just can’t admit that microsoft finally got it right”

    I still don’t believe it – they lost my thrust, a long time a go… irrecoverably.

  18. A

    Wow, so many comments. I’m an heavy user of IE9 and I laughed at this. So perhaps take it in it’s context as a joke and laugh?

  19. Alfredfreitas

    Wow! Get a life you “guys”. Microsoft does not need protectors, it’s doing fine on its own. I would be a lot more impressed if what the big banks, Wall St., and AIG drew this much criticism over what they have done to us. Asian Angel, this drew a chuckle from me.

  20. kevalin

    Made me laugh… just like it was designed to do.


    Seems to me like too many of us are looking for ANYTHING to be mad about these days… with the consequence that we spend a great deal of our energy being mad about things that don’t matter, while too often ignoring the things that do. Then we wonder why the world never seems to change.

    Humans sure are strange.

  21. Nilesh

    Nice try,Safari.

  22. Craig S

    @ the geek

    Though this site is in the “How To” category in my feed reader, I din’t have a problem when I saw that the nature of the content had changed. Going to more of a blog format with frequent updates including humor/entertainment pieces is an expected method for a site to thrive and grow readership. So I don’t feel an immediate need to subscribe only to ‘features’….

    … until I see the same kind of lowbrow humor repeatedly to an extent where it makes the “how to” content look few and far between. Good tutorials take time to make, I respect that, and I’m not saying don’t tell some jokes to keep the site fresh. However if when I click a see that the joke is basically “IE is utterly useless”, even though I understand it’s basically a meme I expect to see that joke made on a different site, not one where the editor’s built his credibility on an insight into technology that goes beyond the average blog. I’m not defending IE9 as great or anything, but simply put this image is only funny if you assume IE9 is useless, which would then mean I can no longer look to this site for tips on using the browser. And I can’t know I didn’t want to see this until after I clicked it.

    So yes, I’m being a buzz killington. But this site has helped me very often in the past, so all I can do in return is provide feedback on what I think keeps your readers subscribed and what might be too much for them. Geek humor is fine, just don’t damage your authority with fanboyism (or fangirlism)

  23. elazar55

    The problem I have with IE is the problems it can give with web development. It can be a pain to have a fully functioning feature up, then realize it’s incompatible with IE -.-

    Also lol. The joke never gets old ^_^

  24. MacGeek101

    Has anyone noticed that safari is highlighted?

  25. Murk

    Simple answer with the moaners. Some would call them trolls. :/ So don’t feed them.

  26. Hadi

    Be careful buddies, Microsoft may copy you idea for the newer versions of win.

  27. py6ro9

    come on people have a sense of humor and laugh a little. if you dont like the pic then why waste time complaining about it? go read another article or something. i use IE9 all the time, and i still thought that the picture was funny.

    @CRAIG S> how does this FUNNY PIC say that HTG thinks IE9 or even MICROSOFT is completely useless? it is listed under FUNNY PIC and not listed as GOD HONEST FACT for a reason. no where on this site have i seen HTG say that IE9 is useless. you are reading alot of sub context into a FUNNY PICTURE…bored are you? no life? something has got to have your bloomers in a bunch. and unless you have done a site survey to find out what HTG readers really want from this site, then your feedback is what you want and not the HTG READERS. so stop with the Messiah complex by acting like you know what everyone wants, and go to wal-mart and buy yourself a sense of humor. they are located in the aisle between get a life, and move out of your mos basement. i think they are on sale for FREE

  28. Liz

    The problem with microsoft is that it tries to add all this stuff to its operating system, ie internet explorer, media player etc. which forces the average user who knows nothing about other programs to use there products and thus not supporting anyone else, so microsoft just gets richer. We may be avid computer users but I recon more tha half of the population isn’t, if you give them windows 7 with all the preloaded stuff on that is what they will use, but if you gave them windows 7 plain and they had to find out and research video players, internet browsers and e-mail programs they might just learn and chose something else. Microsoft has moved into a time where it is trying to monopolise everything and brainwash the sheep, fortunately we aren’t complete sheep, but like I said more than 50% of the world are.

  29. MJ

    The point is not on having a sense of humor or lacking it. I enjoy the game you post in each Friday Fun, and I enjoy some of the images/videos you post. And I thank you for posting them. But IMHO usually (and this is clearly the case) they lack the quality the rest of the website has.

    So, you have two options: one is trying to post better content, of greater quality, even if it is not so often. There is no problem on posting comics, gags or funny images. The other option is changing nothing and tell us to skip the posts we don’t like, and criticizing us for not doing when we share our thinking.

  30. Asian Angel

    Ok, enough is enough on this discussion. Time for everyone to move along, nothing more to seen (or said) here.

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