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The Glory Days of ‘High-Speed’ Downloads with Windows 95 [Humorous Image]

Plenty of time to enjoy a cup of coffee and then some!

Windows 95. Good ol’ days. [9GAG]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/16/11

Comments (26)

  1. Jimrx7

    how quickly we have moved past those slow speeds.

  2. notovny

    39 years for 180 MB is a speed of about 1.23 bits/second.

    Telegraphy isn’t that slow. Semaphore isn’t that slow.

  3. relax

    @notovny hence the [humorous Image] tag. stop analyzing everything

  4. elazar55

    How relevant :P

  5. GeekInThePink


  6. Forrest Cool

    It’s really funny. lol

    Well, the thing you may not know is that we pay more money for less web service in China than in other coutries. Our web connection is slow like “sh.t”. The main web service has been controlled by two web giants for years and they can “f..k” us whenever they want. The Organization that should’ve done something for us did nothing at all.Just wearing the same pants thing.

  7. awh

    Should just about be done!

  8. me

    Actually, it would take around 11 hours, not 39 years

  9. Ladi

    Actually, the download time shown is likely to be correct. When Windows 95 started downloads, it almost always had impossible estimates for total download time, then settles down to a realistic figure as the speed picks up. What would the estimated time be if it was 0.1 kb/sec.?

  10. nidzo

    Something is wrong about this dialog. It says 0.49% in the title bar, and it is half finished.

  11. Irish_IT

    You gotta hand it to windows 95…….It didnt sugar coat anything!!!

  12. Will

    That and 8.89MB is roughly 20% of 180MB, not 0.49%. FAIL image

  13. kevalin

    Wow. And I whine when Windows 7 tells me it’ll take 2 MINUTES to download 700 MBs!

    But I’m not spoiled. No, not at all. Really…

  14. ilovejays23


  15. kevalin

    …And by the way… will everyone who, for some reason, decided to respond this image in any form of seriousness please go have a couple of their alcoholic drink of choice, then come back and look at it again?

  16. Stephan

    Reminds me of my old school’s internet….

  17. Paul

    Reminds me of my first modem experiences with Commodore 64! Wow, that was Fun with a capital F!

  18. Peter

    Not even going to TRY to connect to the internet with my 1996 laptop. 3 beefy inches. jeez.

  19. Becky

    Thanks for the laugh, I needed that!

  20. Daniel

    I remember when I used to have Vista – it once said a file transfer would take 110 YEARS!

  21. My Zapperly

    I remember the days when I wanted to download the Soldier of fortune demo. 100mb. It said it would take 6 hours, but 5 hours in, It lost the connection. Before download managers. I used getright I believe.

  22. Roshnal

    LOL! The slowest I have used is 1.2kbps..

  23. Murk

    Used to get excited about getting 5kbs :) used to cache everything, got to the point I had a caching server (squid)!!

  24. Mike

    I see that that download has already been running around 70 days just to get that far. Surely get the screenshot a little earlier than that! Haha.

  25. Rajat

    Nice funny image (But not so funny for Indians, I guess!), coz in India, roughly 70% of Internet users are running on average 256kbps(32KB/sec) due to f***ing Government Policies and greedy ISPs….Though 3G services are launched in India, they can only be afforded by the ISP owners!!!!

  26. kishore

    Fake image

    (8.89/180)*100=4.938% not 0.49.

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