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Internet Explorer is Forever Alone [Humorous Comic]

Internet Explorer: Forever Alone [via]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/15/11

Comments (19)

  1. Midnight

    Good one and everybody should do this, then leave Internet Exploder in the dust! :)

  2. Two Replies

    Sure… till (by the comic’s own assertion) Firefox yet again refuses to open or do anything. :-/
    (Ya always need a backup, and for a backup… IE has never refused to open. ;-p )

  3. Karina Kaminski

    Good job you can always rely on IE unlike other, lesser browsers (:

  4. willie

    My rule:
    Computers without IE: Chrome or FF
    Computer with IE 8 or below: Rename it to Firefox Downloader/Chrome Downloader
    Computer with IE 9 or 10: Actually use it

  5. KavShii

    hmm, this is the sad reality of IE… I feel kinda sorry “,”

  6. KV

    Hmmmmm. Actually, IE9 is a well-developed program. Just because of the name of company, people starts trolling.

  7. Manuxos

    In fact, IE9 is not so well-developed, it’s still behind FF, Chrome and Opera in many benchmarks.

  8. naviathan

    I think Microsoft’s biggest mistake with IE was building it into the OS. Then again, that’s the only way they could win the Netscape lawsuit. Of course had they offered a better product and put it out for people to download as a value added product, they would have never had the netscape problem.

  9. The Geek Professor

    IE’s big mistake is a history of non-standard compliance, the worst interface design imaginable, ease of hacking and abuse, lack of plugins, and a tendency to make choices for you that are in Microsoft’s best interest, and not yours.

    This comic perfectly describes how I’ll keep using Firefox no matter what problems it has because it is fundamentally a better browser built to serve us and not the company that created it.

  10. Roshnal

    I feel kinda’ sorry about IE…

  11. Shaun

    IE9 is awful… what MS have done is added gpx acceleration and painted it with IE7’s rendering. Exactly the same inconsistencies that occur in IE7 are the same for IE9. I’m yet to try IE10, but the only half decent browser by IE to me is IE8.

  12. Johnny D

    I have FireFox installed to check the display of web pages. Every time I run it, a message box pops up asking if I want to make FireFox my default browser. I always click on, no. I’d click on, Hell no!, if it was an option.

  13. whynnot

    @Johnny D you should just ask it to not check if it’s the default browser

  14. Atakan

    i like FF, but it just doesnt open as fast as chrome.

    so i dont even open IE, i use chrome and then I have FF as back up

  15. Nino

    Why doesn’t he just keep a copy of the FF installation file on a external drive or USB drive. This way he doesn’t have to use IE.

  16. Anonymous

    Firefox? Seriously? No love for Chrome or Opera I guess. But if you’re talking Safari then no love is right!

    I didn’t think anything could be worse than IE but then I found Safari. It sort of makes sense too since IE comes from Microsoft and Safari comes from Apple – two giant mega-money crooks! Sort of makes you wonder what else they make…

  17. kiki

    IE sucks and it makes me sick.

  18. MeToYou

    I am sick of people who follow all what other people say, im tired if you dont like IE shut up, if you like it shut up , just use at your own risk. The base of a good security it is your own, if you enter to see XXX pages you probably catch a virus is so simply i’d like to understand the people who throws bad comments about IE, FireFox, Chrome, Windows, Safari or Mac. whatever is. If you dont like let the other use it dont try to put your likes over the people’s mind

  19. secretxax

    Since when did a comic turn into a browser war? I can view this page in all my browsers, and I’m happy for that. But as for experience, I can see why people HATE IE… :P

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