Do you like using Wolfram Alpha Search and crave on-demand access to it in Google Chrome? See how easy it is to enjoy that Wolfram Alpha goodness with the Chrome Alpha extension.

Chrome Alpha in Action

To get started click on the “Toolbar Button”. This is what the drop-down window will look like…enter the term that you wish to conduct a search for and hit “Enter” on your keyboard or click on “Go!”. Notice how the “Toolbar Button” looks “at rest”…

Once a search is in progress the “Toolbar Button” will change in appearance. There will be a red rectangle across the lower portion with white dots moving through it. It will return to normal when the search is finished.

For our example we conducted searches on three terms (a website, a location, & a business). Our first search was for information on “YouTube”.

Note: If a term generates no results the drop-down window will be blank.

The second search term was “Singapore”…

And the final search term was “Microsoft”. The drop-down window will retain the results for the last search conducted until a new term is entered (even if you restart your browser). Very useful and convenient if you need to refer back to that particular information for a bit during your day.


If you like using Wolfram Alpha Search and have been waiting for an easy way to access it in Chrome, then this extension will be a perfect addition to your browser.


Download the Chrome Alpha extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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