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Today Will Be 11/11/11 – 11:11:11 for the First Time in 100 Years

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Today at 11:11 and 11 seconds, the date and time will be a perfect same-number palindrome—that is, it will read the same backwards and forwards, using the same number. It will be 11:11:11 on 11/11/11, and that won’t happen again for another 100 years.

Naturally, it’ll happen again at 11 PM, for those that don’t observe military time.

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  • Published 11/11/11

Comments (45)

  1. cochise

    And for those who don’t observe the years….. because 11/11/2011 is not the same…

  2. Usman

    I wonder if (wayyy back then) people would’ve the same enthusiasm about 11/11/1111 :)

  3. Saman

    looking forward for 11/11/11111 :P

  4. scott

    New Zealand calling, been there done that. time for bed

  5. João

    Its a true moment =D

  6. Lee

    I’m planning on trying to screenshot a clock with milliseconds at 11:11:11.111, but I really doubt i’ll be able to. But I installed LightScreen so that I can just hit the PrintScreen button like crazy to try getting it.

  7. Enes
  8. TheBeard

    B/B/B B:B:B

    alost, lightscreen huh? thanks for the accidental recommendation Lee.

  9. brianzion

    and next year we will have 12/12/12

  10. brownstafari

    The number of the beast!

  11. Lee

    Next year we will have 12:12:12:12:12:12 … and that will be it for a looooong time!

  12. jeeepers

    The only way to be perfectly safe about this situation would have been to purchase your lottery tickets on 11-11-1111 AD.

  13. Amir

    i can’t believe you wrote a post for this, come on. it is interesting but, 08:52 11/11/11 will never happen again in like, EVER! beat that!

  14. hafid

    next year

    12/12/2012 12:12:12

  15. Johnny

    oh my god!!! If I write October 1st 2001 like this 10/1/01 … OMG!!!!!! If I write November 11th 2011 like this 11/11/2011 is a….amm..

    Oh wait… we will have the same date in a hundred years???? we are in a infinite loop!!! No one debugged that method…

  16. Gia

    My birthday is yesterday ^^!. 1011.

  17. Adamboy7

    @ Lee Just use a screen cature program and record the moment. That way, you can just take out the frame of the time you want.

  18. Anonymous

    It’s all just numerology. I say, big deal – big yawn. Numerology is about as much as “science” as astrology is. Quite frankly, I find it somewhat bizarre that HTG is now including pseudo science articles from “time to time” (pun intended).

    I don’t know about you, but I find this kind of article a little annoying. It’s just one more item to scan when searching HTG’s otherwise excellent index. Anyone else feel that way?


    Suggestion to HTG: How about updating and republishing some of your past articles when content runs low? Or how about articles on electronics or radio?! I think I’ve seen like TWO articles on the Arduino and like nothing with HAM radio. I know and might be good places to start. You might even check out the many events around the U.S. or other developed nations that happen too (no need to travel since they usually do have web sites). The plethora of “con’s” (conferences) and events such as Maker Fair just leap to mind. Aren’t those crowds “geeks” too? Why make us suffer with dribble like 11/11/11 11:11:11? Personally, I find pseudo science junk like numerology just a little over the line from standard “geekdom”.

  19. Daniel

    It will happen 48 times today

  20. Daniel

    2 times for the 24 hour period times 24 time zones= 2×24=48 for those that did not catch that.

  21. Anonymous

    Did ANYONE remember that 11/11/11 is VETERANS DAY?!


  22. Lauren

    Am I the only person saddened by the fact that this is the last date that will be in binary for the remainder of our lives? Today is it, then no more binary dates.

  23. Kent

    I don’t understand the significance of the hundred year meme. Tomorrow will be 11/12/11 and that won’t repeat for a hundred years. Day after tomorrow will be 11/13/11 and that won’t repeat for a hundred years. I think you get the pattern.

  24. vgamesx1

    next 100 years it’ll be 11/11/2111

  25. vgamesx1

    @Adamboy7 and
    @Lee just set the clock backwards or forwards….

  26. cee

    Three day weekend. whoohooo! That’s what this veterans day is good for.

  27. Brad A+

    Date trivia…

    The Beijing summer Olympics started at (local time) 8:08 pm on August 8, 2008. The number eight is ‘good luck’ so Chinese officials made a bid for the games, then scheduled the start time to maximize the mojo for the number eight.

  28. cee

    Just because the date is 11-11-11 OFFICIALLY, doesn’t mean it’s 11-11-11 cosmologically. Oo, I sound smart.

  29. Jim Britt

    I took a photo of a digital watch at 1:23:45 pm on 6/7/89 resulting in 1:23:45 6/7/89!

    I’ll find the pic and post it if possible.

  30. xana452

    I can only imagine what the world will look like in 11,111 on this day. Either destroyed or uninhabited.

  31. Jim Britt

    I also got a pic of my watch this morning at 11:11:11 am!

  32. David Vazquez

    For those who observe time and don’t abbreviate that will never happen …

    For the lazy one who use the last two digits, well have a blast.

  33. fubeca6

    Even better: Today is the only 11/11/2011 EVER! And yesterday was the only 11/10/2011 ever, and tomorrow will be the only 11/12/2011 ever. Who cares, dates are relative, one school of physics argues that time doesn’t even exist.

  34. Ushindi

    I remember, anon. – I’m a veteran. Funny – we never got Veterans Day off in the Army.

  35. David

    How about this one:

    The date is 11/11/11. Read it as 111111.

    Multiply 111111 by 111111 and get 12,345,654,321, and interesting palindromic number.


  36. David

    You people really need better hobbies.

  37. Karina Kaminski

    This is old news now and I’m not into mysticism or numerology but I was quite amazed that 2 February 2000 was the first date of its kind since 28 August 888, a span of 1,112 years.

  38. Rick

    First ANONYMOUS:

    “I don’t know about you, but I find this kind of article a little annoying. It’s just one more item to scan when searching HTG’s otherwise excellent index. Anyone else feel that way?” Probably very few, if any!!

    As for your other Comments on “How I would Better Run This Site.” PHHFFFFTTTTT!! It will CONTINUE to operate Just Fine even without your Input!! Although I’m sure you’ll find that hard to believe. The “Topics” you’ve suggested? The ULTIMATE in “Dribble”!!

    Second Anonymous:

    “Did ANYONE remember that 11/11/11 is VETERANS DAY?!

    ANYONE CARE?!!!”

    With all due Respect….that’s not what this Posting is about. However ……BRAVO!! For mentioning it!!

    YES! I care, I’m sure others here do also. I will be at a Legion tonight Honouring a number of Veterans who will be in attendance as well as Those who “Couldn’t Make it.”

    THEY fought to maintain OUR Freedom and the Lives we all now Live. THANK YOU VETERANS!!!


  39. silvertrove

    Thanks for the jpeg link, Enes! I stole your screenshot so I don’t have to try and catch it myself. Hope that’s okay. :D

  40. Jack

    Who cares, just another day except it has matching numbers….

  41. SMBR

    Yeah Golden Date..

  42. JeR

    Remember World War I ended on 11/11 at 11:11:11 on 1918. This day was call Rememance day. Thank you to all Veterans. Stand behind our Troops or you can stand in front of them. I am Vet too.

  43. Nickfost

    and today is 11/13/11 …. for the first time in ONE HUNDRED YEAR … OMG!!!!!!

  44. Richard

    Next year 12:12:12 – 12/12/12 is not the same backwards.

    However, strictly (geekily) speaking 11:11:11 – 11/11/11 backwards will be 11/11/11 – 11:11:11, which is not the same, so this is not a palindrome. However, I guess, for the sake of geekiness, it could be called a double numeric palindrome, so that the time and the date can be treated separately.

    Yes, for the pedantrists out there it is not strictly any kind of palindrome because the year is 2011, not 11, but then 11th November 1111 would not be a numerical palendrome either as 11/11/1111 reversed would be 1111/11/11. Also, Arabic numerals (1,2,3 etc) were not introduced until the 14th century, so 11/11/1111 would actually have read xi/xi/mcxi.

    The Julian calendar was introduced in 45BC, but I guess that 11th November 11 would have been written as xi/xi/xi. Hmmm, not a palindrome. In which case the earliest would have been on 1st February 1 – i/i/i (what’s goin’ on ‘ere then) followed just a year later on 2nd February 2 – ii/ii/ii and a final one another year later iii/iii/iii.

    No, it wouldn’t have happened for the year ‘0’ as there was no Roman numeral for zero.

    End of geek.

    Arabic numerals were not introduced until the 14th century

  45. Manley E.

    My dad decided to upgrade our phones in 11/11/11, but around 7pm.

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