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Which is Better: Revo Uninstaller or a Free Alternative?

The results might surprise you! Our friends over at 7 Tutorials did some testing and found that the free IObit uninstaller application actually stacked up pretty well against the paid solution from Revo—though perhaps with a few less features.

Note: we’ve always been fans of Revo Uninstaller around here, since it does have a lot of features to help clean up bad apps that the free alternatives don’t have. Either way, the 7 Tutorials article is worth a read.

Roundup of Software Uninstallers – Reviewing IObit vs Ashampoo vs Revo [7 Tutorials]

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  • Published 11/10/11

Comments (26)

  1. bob

    I’ve been using the free Revo Uninstaller for long time now. I have no problems with it, and it does the job perfectly. I don’t know what’s extra on the paid version, but the free one is very powerful. For daily use the free one offers great options.

  2. markedmanner

    Comodo Programs Manager has been great for me

  3. temp

    revouninstaller is the best

  4. Karl Gephart

    I really like Comodo Programs Uninstaller better than Revo on Win 7. It’s faster and clean.

  5. Drew

    I used to use Revo exclusively, but since IOBit released the 2.0 of their uninstaller, I’ve been on that ever since. It’s faster, detects half-installed programs better, force uninstallation is a lot more accurate, and it’s just an all-around cleaner experience. Never going to back to Revo unless they come out with something that absolutely blows my socks off.

  6. Blake

    Ever since that scandal with IOBIt using MalwareBytes code, I’ve felt bad using any of their stuff. Plus, whatever Revo leaves behind (which is usually very little) CCleaner picks up for me.

  7. Mark

    I’ve been using Revo Uninstaller Free with great success for some time. I tried the Pro version (using a pal’s key) to see if it was a better product, but the free version has a better GUI, is easier to use, and does everything I need at no cost. I don’t trust IOBit.

  8. Patrick N

    I updated to free Zone Alarm 2012 and included the security tool bar for IE. Later realized it wasn’t needed and decided to uninstall. I didn’t see any Zone Alarm security tool bar in neither Windows Add/Remove programs or free RevoUninstaller. After reading this article pointing me to download the IOBit Uninstaller from I ran it and voila it founds not just one, but three ZA tool bar programs. IOBit is now my favorite uninstaller.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  9. David

    Total Uninstall Pro v5 and Revo. Use them both, but always welcome to hear what others are using. Then CCleaner to tidy up.

  10. Midnight

    Been using YourUninstaller Pro for years and it does the job quite nicely. A 99% Uninstall ratio, only leaving behind the odd Program folder, which is easy enough to delete.
    I have often checked the Registry for leftovers and have only found a few, occasionally, but No software
    is perfect, as we all know!

    I’ve played around with Revo Pro, but didn’t like the interface and as for IOBit, as Blake posted, above, I was not impressed when they “stole” the Database from Malwarebytes, then refused to acknowledge their activities, so I will stay away from their products, free or otherwise!!
    Considering where the company originates from, that says it all.

  11. Rick

    NO! NO! I just typed a HUGE Reply, Went to grab a Link for you guys and threw away my Original Posting!!

    MOMMY!!!!! So this will be a “Condensed version”. I’ve tried pretty well ALL of the Freeones. I kept Revo Regular not for Add/Remove but the “Tools” they provide.

    I use “Nirsoft Uninstaller V1.74″ (FREE) I just ran it to see how many it would open….86 PROGRAMS!!! (2.5 Screens. Up & Down)

    ALL the Details are included, Cross Screen including ,,,”Registry Key”, “Install Date”, “System Component”, “File Location” Etc. Etc. You can Choose from a PILE of Options to display if you want More OR Less Programs. You can “Delete” OR “Change” ANY of the Programs.

    There is also a “Search” Function if you want to use it.

    I also have their “Nirsoft IP Net Info”. Copy & Paste ANY Web Site into it and ZAP!! Everything you did or did not want to know, usually including “Address”, “Phone Number”, “REAL e-mail Contact” and it Links you to “Who Is” if you want/need more Info.

    There’s a TON of “Stuff” on their Site!! LINK is Here (Hopefully) :

    There you go Boys & Girls! That should keep you busy for a few Minutes OR Days!! …LOL…

    Regards To All: Rick (Ontario, Canada)

  12. ekadim

    I have been a fan of Revo, too. And I still use its portable on my portable drives to use on 32-bit systems.

    However, Revo Uninstaller Free version does not support 64-bit. In other words, if you have a 64-bit Windows OS and if you have 64-bit applications installed, Revo can only uninstall the programs under the “Program Files (x86)” but not the ones under the “Program Files” folder. Pro version makes it possible. In this regard, the Free IOBit Uninstaller prevails.

  13. Saman

    I use it but not free on x64 unfortunately it is not fast as others.

  14. Orks

    Rick, I only found “MyUninstaller” at Nirsoft free utilities. Is this the one you’re indicating?

  15. Orks

    Rick, OK. Now, per the version 1.74, that seems to be the one. But description does not say it also uninstall stuff other than the ones removed by the installed application itself. If this is true, it does less than Revo. Perhaps the only advantage is the additional info it shows for all the installed apps. I’ll give it a try.

  16. CGA

    Total Uninstall, nothing beats taking a snapshot before and after installs, fat superior to Revo’s “second guessing” method.

  17. JohnK

    IOBit uninstaller 2 does the job but when I went to “Large Programs” I noticed Microsoft Money Plus. IOBit tells me it occupies 100.71GB! so I looked and it only occupies 81.5MB! IOBit uninstaller 2 needs some TLC and attention to detail. other than that it works great!

  18. Jason W
  19. Bob1001

    You think Revo Uninstaller (Free) does a good job? After using it, run RegSeeker, typing in the exact name of the uninstalled program, where RegSeeker says “Find in Registry” and see see how many registry keys have been left behind.

  20. Rick


    Your First Post: Yes. That is the one I mentioned as above.

    As for your second Post. As also mentioned above …”You can “Delete” OR “Change” ANY of the Programs”

    What the “Description” on site says is somewhat limited as to the “Complete Capabilities” of the Program.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “But description does not say it also uninstall stuff other than the ones removed by the installed application itself.” But I’ll take a guess and state that it will “Remove/Delete” any or all of the Programs it diplays. (As above, it showed 86 Programs. That was WITHOUT “Windows Updates” showing. which I avoid loading anyway.)

    ” If this is true, it does less than Revo.” NOT true. IMHO The programs you can Remove with REVO are almost Identical to what “Windows” shows you in “Remove Programs” i.e MINIMAL at best!! (As Usual) Again …The only reason I keep REVO is for the Other Tools it offers.

    “I’ll give it a try.” Yes. Please do. That’s the only way you’ll find out for sure. You will NOT be disappointed. I’ve been using it for 3/4 Years now in XP, Vista, and now ,7 Deluxe (Or whatever they call it) Home Edition.

    I forgot to mention above, as some of the Posters have brought up…..It displays ALL 32-bit as well as 64-bit Programs. I should add that I’m runing “Windows 6.1” in 32-bit Mode, but can go into 64-bit any time I wish to do so. Also still using “IE 8.0” until I see a few more Comments on “IE 9”.

    I tried IOBit and was not impressed. HOWEVER, to be fair, it was an older Version. Perhaps it’s been cleaned up since the first “Messy One”.

    GOOD LUCK My Friend!!

    Regards: Rick

  21. knightspawn5

    Revo works well. I like it best.

  22. kandries

    Just for the sake of it : Ashampoo develops different kinds of applications. I’m using their Burning Studio, Snap, Photo Commander, WinOptimizer, Home Designer and some more. All of these utilities work wonderfully well. Do I use them because I have to pay for them ? No, because they all do a wonderful job ! What I’m saying is : give these people the credit they deserve, and they will turn their uninstaller application into a winner too (I’m sure). Furthermore I’m a big fan of Revo uninstaller (the free version works well for my purposes), and IObit’s Advanced System Care.

  23. ALI

    Total Unistall Rocks to core

  24. sixfootgeek

    Revo is not as great as you think. Next time you use it, open regedit to look at your registry for leftover entries, you might be surprised.

  25. K Town

    @sixfootgeek CCleaner uninstall app is the same way. It leaves entries in the registry also.

  26. Flaco L

    Revo,…. HANDS DOWN!!!!!

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