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Break the Speed of Light in Your Backyard [Science]

Courtesy of One Minute Physics, a clever video on how–using a simple laser pointer–you can break the speed of light.

It’s an illusion of sorts as no particles are actually accelerated beyond the speed of light, but it’s a fascinating bit of physics parlor trickery. Watch the above video to see it in action or hit up the Minute Physics YouTube channel for more videos.

How To Break the Speed of Light in Your Own Backyard [via BoingBoing]

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  • Published 11/9/11

Comments (7)

  1. Kerensky97

    I don’t like this video. It doesn’t explain anything and is not educational in anyway. Maybe they should explain WHY it’s an illusion or how the illusion actually works and show the constraints of the speed of light.

  2. Andre

    Interesting, but I think the concept is kind of like “thoughts are faster than the speed of light, because I can think of the Andromeda galaxy and back to the Milky Way faster than light can”.

    Also, @Kerensky97, l2listeningcomprehension? How can you not understand it? Did you have audio off?

  3. Bobro

    this is a load of crap…

    it even explains it isnt moving anything faster than the speed of light… there are theorys of things moving faster than the speed of light but this is nothing to do with it!!!

  4. Zoltar

    Don’t try to shine a laser pointer in the sky. It can quite possibly blind a pilot for a few minutes as they get their night vision back. These events are transmitted to local authorities and the penalties are harsh in the U.S.

  5. Phil McKrakin

    Nice try. The image is still not moving faster than the speed of light. It only appears that way in your reference frame.

  6. tommy2rs

    I have a lot more fun breaking the sound barrier in my backyard. Simple, easy and cheap. I just fire off my .22 or .45, heck, even my air rifle will do it….lol. One of the perq’s of living in the boonies.

  7. superfahd

    you know i didnt get this at all. any one care to enlighten me?

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