When you add a drive to your PC, by default it gets a drive letter, whether it is a removable drive or even a fixed hard drive inside of your PC. Lets take a look at how we can hide these drives.

Note: This will completely hide the drive, even from you. You’ll have to open up disk management to un-hide it.

To hide a drive you need to open a disk management snap-in, to do this right click on computer and select manage.

When the computer management MMC opens, double click on the storage option.

Now choose to open the disk management snap-in.

When the disk management console opens, look for the drive that you want to hide in the bottom section of the  snap-in. Right click on it and choose the Change Drive Letter and Paths.. option from the context menu.

When the dialog box pops up hit the remove button so that it does not have a drive letter.

You will be prompted warning you that programs that use drive letters will no longer function, choose yes to continue.

That’s all there is to it guys, now when you go to My Computer the drive will be gone.

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