Google Direct Connect Is a Dead Simple Way to Add Brands to Google+

By Jason Fitzpatrick on November 8th, 2011

Google Direct is a new Google search feature that makes it dead simple to add brands to your Google+ network right from your search results.

It’s an extremely clever and useful move on Google’s part. Last month they retired the + search operator and many, rightly so, anticipated they had done so for a new search featured related to Google+. Now when you search for a brand through Google, at the top of the suggest list you’ll find the Google+ page for that brand. Click the link to see it and Google+ will prompt you with a message:

You can automatically add Google+ pages to your circles from Google Search. Just add + in front of the page you’re searching for. Directly connect with pages this way from now on?

If you click “Yes” from that point forward you’ll be able to one-click add Google+ entries for brands to your Google+ account. The feature is currently in a sort of limited-beta testing; it doesn’t work with every Google+ brand page but it does work with quite a few large brands like Angry Birds, Pepsi, YouTube, etc. Expect to see more + search results in the near future.

[via Mashable]

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  • Published 11/8/11
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