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Google Direct Connect Is a Dead Simple Way to Add Brands to Google+

Google Direct is a new Google search feature that makes it dead simple to add brands to your Google+ network right from your search results.

It’s an extremely clever and useful move on Google’s part. Last month they retired the + search operator and many, rightly so, anticipated they had done so for a new search featured related to Google+. Now when you search for a brand through Google, at the top of the suggest list you’ll find the Google+ page for that brand. Click the link to see it and Google+ will prompt you with a message:

You can automatically add Google+ pages to your circles from Google Search. Just add + in front of the page you’re searching for. Directly connect with pages this way from now on?

If you click “Yes” from that point forward you’ll be able to one-click add Google+ entries for brands to your Google+ account. The feature is currently in a sort of limited-beta testing; it doesn’t work with every Google+ brand page but it does work with quite a few large brands like Angry Birds, Pepsi, YouTube, etc. Expect to see more + search results in the near future.

[via Mashable]

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  • Published 11/8/11

Comments (4)

  1. toehead410

    Awesome. Except for the fact that I already have too many browser bookmarks, browser apps, too many friends & likes on Facebook, too much Twitter, too many email addresses in my address book, too many phone numbers on my cell phone. Gees, I know I have contact info for the local animal shelter, but to find it will take me 10 minutes to dig through all the accounts I have. All of the above are great ideas, but all things in moderation, eh?

  2. DavidQ

    Right on, toehead410! Heck, even in the Googleverse you have to tediously separately search each pile of info (mail, contacts, calendar, bookmarks, etc., etc.) to be sure you haven’t overlooked the pile where that elusive thing your were seeking is hiding.

    Why can’t Google search across *everything* owned by my account?? Would be easy to add modifiers, such as -in:(bookmarks,picasa), to narrow a search.

  3. DavidQ

    Oh, and for the record, I think it’s asinine, unhelpful, unfriendly behavior to appropriate a commonly understood convention — the + plus sign for “must be present” in a search — for one’s private, unique purpose.

  4. Gemini566

    ???? Lost me straight away!!!

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