What You Said: Your Favorite RSS Readers

By Jason Fitzpatrick on November 4th, 2011


Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite RSS reader; now we’re back to share your RSS favorites, tips, and tricks.

By an overwhelming majority, readers preferred Google Reader. While many readers simply used the web/mobile interface without any extra apps or modifications, plenty of them used reader in conjunction with something else.

Alex LaFroscia writes:

Google Reader, synced with Reeder for iOS and OSX. Both apps are perfect for me, and I never use the web interface anymore, although I used to use that exclusively.

Nolan syncs RSSOwl (a popular reader choice) and Liferea with Google Reader:

RSSOwl on Windows. Syncs up with Google Reader and closes/minimizes to tray.
Liferea on Ubuntu. Also syncs with Google Reader and integrates nicely into the Unity interface.


A few other popular Google Reader-friendly apps were Feedly and FeedDemon. Stemills writes:

FeedDemon, easy to navigate, opens full article in your browser of choice, previews so you can choose to read or skip, It does everything you want.

Despite the wild popularity of Google Reader, many readers were put off by the recent overhaul of the Google Reader interface. Lee writes:

I use Google Reader. I like it because it’s web based mostly. But I’m not sure how much I like the new design yet. I liked the simplicity of the older one. This new one just looks a little more bloated. If I could decrease the size of the list items (like Gmail) then I would probably like it more.

HelpingHand offers his, well, help, for readers upset over the new Google Reader interface:

For all power users pissed off with the new UI (like me) here’s something to fix it and make GR usable again. (found it last night)

GoogleReaderBack script – this keeps the new aesthetic but gets rid of all the unnecessary wasted space.

GoogleReaderBack is a Greasemonkey script so you’ll either need Greasemonkey installed or a browser with native Greasemonkey support (like Google Chrome 4+).

For more reader/device combinations, hit up the full comment thread here.

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  • Published 11/4/11
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