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Find Out When the International Space Station is Visible from Your Locale

Because of its large size and highly reflective surfaces, it’s possible to see the International Space Station (ISS) from Earth. Check out this handy site to see when it’s over your town.

Plug in your location and ISS.Astroviewer kicks back the dates and times you’ll be able to observe the ISS passing overhead (as well as the duration and brightness).

Sky watchers in the vicinity of New York City, for example, would want to get out and search the sky tomorrow night but skip tonight, based on the chart readout above. Hit up the link below to check out your location and see when the best time to look for the ISS is.


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  • Published 11/4/11

Comments (6)

  1. D

    For Andriod smartphone owners the following app may come handy for the same purpose:

    Satellite AR –

  2. Hank


    Alos check out NASA’s Human Space Flight web site for similar information for the ISS and other satellites, including elevation and approach and departure directions. I’ve used it to capture photos and video of the ISS passing.

    Link for Seattle:

  3. Norm Niver

    My zip code is 92275

  4. MJ

    Or just go to WolframAlpha an type “ISS”.

    You can also type “sky” for a sky chart. And you can combine this with any date and time.

  5. esam

    that is awesome. it is worth buying a telescope to watch it :)

  6. GeekInThePink

    cool ! !!:)

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