Once a week we dump out the tips box mailbag and share some of the reader-submitted tips with you. This week we’re looking at creating mind maps on Android devices, desktop Pandora notifications, and easy to use to-do lists.

Mind Mapping on Android Devices

Erin writes in with a mind mapping tip:

Hey guys! I don’t know if you’re into mind maps (or at least as into as I am) but I figured I’d pass a tip along. I recently started playing around with MindMeister on my Android phone. It’s like a scaled down version of the mind mapping software they have for other platforms. So far I’ve found it really easy to use on my phone’s smaller screen. Oddly, they haven’t released a version that’s Android tablet compatible. Go figure? Anyways, keep up the good work!

We do love a good mind map (and, like you, we’re a bit puzzled by the lack of tablet support). We’ll check it out!

Push Pandora Notifications from Chrome to Your Desktop

Michael writes in with this Pandora-related tip:

I love the crap out of Pandora but it bugs me when I don’t know what song is playing. Since I use Pandora mostly to discover new music, seeing the song titles and band names is important. This chrome add-on came to my rescue. All it does is push the Pandora song data to the desktop with a growl-like notification. It’s a one-trick kinda add-on but it’s the one trick I need. I figured there must be a lot of readers in a similar situation.

The best kind of software tip is the tip we don’t realize we desperately need until it lands in our email inbox. Pandora + Chrome = Desktop Notifications is a winning equation. We’re installing it now.

Manage Your To-Do List with LazyMeter

Elizabyth writes in with a to-do list management technique:

So I’ve tried just about every web app to-do list out there and I always end up getting frustrated with them for some reason or another. That was before I found LazyMeter. It’s so freaking easy and intuitive. You enter in your tasks, give them dates, LazyMeter puts them in front of you at the appropriate time, and you either do them and check it off or push them forward (where they’ll be put in front of you again or deleted if you don’t need/want to do them anymore). It’s hard to convey how simple and easy to use it is so I included a video. Hope you find it useful!


We like easy to manage to-do lists. Anything that lowers the resistance to use is usually successful and LazyMeter certainly looks easy/intuitive enough. Thanks for sharing!

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