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Ask the Readers: What’s Your Favorite RSS Reader?

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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a great way to keep up the news and your favorite blogs without having to visit each one individually. This week we’re interested in hearing about your favorite reader and how you make the most of RSS.

RSS, for the unfamiliar, is an easy way for web sites to push updates to users without requiring those users to visit the page. Think of it like a TiVo for publications—you put the RSS feed for a web site into your feed reader and then the reader captures all the articles the site pushes out via the feed. Instead of visiting 20 web sites (which may or may not have updated since you last visited) you can simply look in your feed reader to check out the new articles.

In that vein, we want to hear all about your favorite RSS reader. What makes it great? What features sold you on it? Do you use RSS on your desktop? On the web? From your mobile device? Sound off in the comments with your RSS reader and feed management tips.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 11/2/11

Comments (191)

  1. Keith

    I use Reeder on the iPhone. Simple interface makes it a great way to get my stories. Swipe to mark as read without opening is a nice touch. I had been using google reader for the web, although the new updates are driving me batty – moving the next buttons to the top right corner is counterproductive.

  2. temp

    google reader

  3. William

    Feed Demon synced with Google Reader

  4. Punisher

    I’ve been using Google Reader for the last 2 years and I find it very simple and efficient. I tried some desktop alternatives but didn’t impressed me. I will stick with Google Reader for the moment

  5. Dwarth

    Google Reader. It’s perfect for me who read my feeds at work, at home and on my Android phone.

  6. Grant Palin

    Started with Bloglines in 2004, switched to Google Reader in 2008.

    Desktop/laptop: mostly the web app – liked it, but now uncertain about the new design

    BlackBerry: BeReader (paid, syncs with GReader account, nice and simple)

    Playbook: started with GeeReader (free, but a bit rough, syncs with GReader), now liking WebReader (paid, syncs with GReader, more attractive than GeeReader)

  7. Greg

    Google Reader

  8. guiie

    Google Reader

  9. Danny

    It’s been Google Reader for me, for a long time. Most of the annoying new changes don’t bother me since I’ve always used my keyboard for navigation, although readability is a little more difficult.

  10. Green

    Google Reader

  11. brie987

    Google Reader up until the update. Transfered all my RSS to Netvibes. May go back to Google Reader.

  12. Bob

    Google reader

  13. Tomas

    Google Reader. Both in the browser and the Android app.

  14. Marcelo

    I used Google Reader until this week.
    Now I use feedly.

  15. Steve

    Google Reader – web based and on my Android.

  16. Dennis

    Firefox add-on Newsfox

  17. mato

    Google Reader

  18. Paul Parkinson

    I use Google Reader but they have ruined GReader with the update and now I need a replacement.I am so happy you are running this poll….

  19. Bill C

    Google Reader consumed by Mr. Reader on my iPad

  20. Rick T

    Google Reader via Feedly

  21. Mohamed

    Google Reader

  22. Brian Kofford

    Google Reader

  23. Qlisic


  24. JeffP

    RSS Popper. It integrates into Outlook.

  25. Michael Maxwell

    Google Reader w/ a few tweaks from reader plus

  26. Rohugh

    Feed Demon synced with Google Reader

  27. Yossi Harel

    Google Reader. I love the recent changes that Google made​​. Google Reader seems much more elegant light and easy to use

  28. Introvertsrule

    Google Reader until now, looking for new one now that Google has ruined it

  29. Will

    FeedDemon synced to Google Reader

  30. caiser

    +1 Rick T
    Google Reader via Feedly

  31. Mohammad Shabani

    google reader

  32. Alekh Khanna

    Google Reader. But now they just killed it with the new interface. The readable screen area is literally 1/3rd of the original.
    And I suppose they’re jinxing Gmail too. :|

  33. James

    Feedly synced with Google Reader

  34. MrMBerman

    Google Reader on Desktop, Feeddler Pro on iPhone. Feedly is sexy but lacking.

  35. Qwerty

    Been using FeedDemon for 2+ years now, but am open to alternatives.

  36. Mike

    Google Reader and Reeder for iPhone.

  37. Mushaf

    +1 for Google Reader

  38. Wayne

    Google Reader

  39. Elka3no

    Firefox + Brief Addon

  40. riptic

    Google Reader

  41. Zaidar


    I have too many rss feeds, that I don’t want to export them all one by one in Google Reader.

  42. Ledav

    Google Reader.

    Using feedler as client on Ipad. Very great app because it allows offline reading, with image caching, and synchronization when back online.

  43. Howard

    Google reader … everything is available on the internet

  44. 67GTA


  45. Matt C

    Google Reader. The redesign has too much wasted white space, but it still works.

  46. Lee

    I use Google Reader. I like it because it’s web based mostly. But I’m not sure how much I like the new design yet. I liked the simplicity of the older one. This new one just looks a little more bloated. If I could decrease the size of the list items (like gmail) then I would probably like it more.

  47. Divya

    Google Reader.

  48. Divya

    Google Reader

  49. Nulloid

    Google Reader at work, Reeder on iPhone, NetNewsWire and Times on Mac at home although lately I’ve just been sticking with Google Reader. Updates haven’t affected me much but I agree that the new layout wastes too much space.

  50. Phoenix713

    Google Reader

  51. Kieran

    Feedly! It has a web app, and iPhone app, it syncs with Google Reader and looks cleaner

  52. Doot

    Google Reader, before and after the recent changes to it’s design and social features.

  53. Bob G

    Google Reader. I’m sure there are a ton of better readers out there .. but google is good enough for my needs.

  54. Alexander Teglund

    Google Reader

  55. Asgaro

    Google Reader with a doubt :D

  56. Mr. X

    Google Reader.

  57. Brodiemac

    I have been using Outlook for years but am interested in using Google reader. My question is how do I import all of my saved articles from Outlook into Google Reader?

  58. Dennis

    Google Reader

  59. jcard21

    Up until yesterday, Google Reader was my favorite RSS reader. But they took away the sharing feature. :-( I’ll be looking for a new one to use.

  60. Schultz

    It’s still Google Reader

  61. Bob Abela

    I find myself veering back to Feedly after the recent changes to Google Reader.

  62. Sean

    I use a simple called liferea. is use it because it only contains a webkit bases browser and the reader.
    nothing else.

  63. webdev

    “Brief” extension for Firefox.

  64. HelpingHand

    Google Reader

    For all power users pissed off with the new UI (like me) here’s something to fix it and make GR usable again. (found it last night)

    GoogleReaderBack script – this keeps the new aesthetic but gets rid of all the unnecessary wasted space:

  65. Masiha

    Gooder (Google Reader)

  66. HelpingHand

    I forgot to mention, you need Greasemonkey in order to use the script.

  67. Fred Beiderbecke

    FeedDemon with Google Reader

  68. Mark

    Google Reader.

  69. Bolo


  70. Alex LaFroscia

    Google Reader, synced with Reeder for iOS and OSX. Both apps are perfect for me, and I never use the web interface anymore, although I used to use that exclusively.

  71. Nolan

    RSSOwl on Windows. Syncs up with Google Reader and closes/minimizes to tray.
    Liferea on Ubuntu. Also syncs with Google Reader and integrates nicely into the Unity interface.

  72. Kim

    Desktop – Google Reader
    iPhone – MobileRSS
    Android – Google reader app :)

  73. Amar Takniki

    Google Reader

  74. lowk3y

    Flipboard on iPAD + Google Reader feed

  75. Hjoranna

    Google Reader

    It has a clean simple interface and syncs with my Android phone so I don’t end up reading the same stuff twice.

  76. Dexter


  77. Stemills

    FeedDemon, easy to navigate, opens full article in your browser of choice, previews so you can choose to read or skip, It does everything you want.

  78. Pud

    Used to be google reader, but after the recent change I am very likely to look for something new.

  79. Markus

    Google Reader

    But since the last update I’m thinking about changing, just don’t know yet where to move to.
    Google Reader is now missing a number of feats, especially “condensed view”, adjustable colours for folder, the indicator how many items where already loaded when viewing a feed with many items. And Google Reader still doesn’t have some very important features I was hoping for, like “mark all read above this message”, “find and group similar messages”, “make ‘send me a copy’ default when emailing an item”

  80. Ric

    Google Reader

  81. TomSr

    FeedDemon Pro synced with Google Reader

  82. LIsa

    Google Reader on laptop and phone. I don’t even mind the update!

  83. NickJr


  84. Daniele

    Google Reader, but as i can’t use Reader Plus w/ Chrome or Better GReader w/ Firefox i’m looking for an alternative.
    RssOwl is great but I can’t use it @ office

    One thing I miss very much is the “Colorful List View” ^___^

  85. Jonny

    Google Reader. Used to use the HelvetiReader user script due to the somewhat hideous skin, but the new skin released a few days ago is much improved.

  86. Kevin

    Google Reader on the desktop. River of News on the iPad. I’m hoping the Google fixes some of the white space issues in the new release of Reader otherwise syncing across all my devices is great :)

  87. dboftlp

    Google Reader & feedly for Android phone/tablets, but sometimes still the google web app as well, great mobile web app matter of fact, I think.
    Google Reader Web App on “legacy” systems ;-)

  88. user0231

    I use Outlook 2010 RSS Feeds. I can check my email, calendar and rss feeds all at the same time.

  89. leebloke

    Web Google Reader until the redesign. Now use RSSOwl synced with Google Reader. Wish I’d found it before, really enjoying using it.

  90. Dave K

    It’s been Google Reader for the last few years. After the horrible changes yesterday I’m looking for a new one. Feedly is the current frontrunner.

  91. Ray Ebersole

    I loved Google Reader, that is until the update. Now it is monochrome, and un-READABLE. I’m trying Feedly, which seems very nice so far.

  92. Nathan

    Google Reader

  93. Rusty gates

    Google reader works great in a desktop browser and on mobile iOS. If you make a view setting change in one, it is applied in the other, read feeds are marked read in the other. It works well for my use.

  94. Chris Jones

    Google Reader, although I’m not quite sure if I like the new look yet.

  95. LePeR

    Google Reader :)

  96. Hector De Jesus

    Google Reader (Love the new design)

  97. C Dunmire

    Google Reader but now looking for another one after the update.

  98. RPD


  99. caribbeanguy

    Rainmeter allows for quite an exceptional rss reader.

  100. zuze

    I use google reader to collect my feads from around the web. And I use Reeder as a front end on my I Pad and BeReader as a front end on my BB bold.

  101. Amin

    I’ve been using feedly for a long time now and I will continue using it because of its simple and intuitive interface on Firefox and iOS.

  102. SDreamer

    Hard to believe, but I’m using Windows Live Mail now. The Google Reader update broke it for me. I like how simple it was to share articles to just those who followed you, now you gotta make circles and stuff, and that +1 stuff. I don’t know why they decided to take some features out, and not exactly specify how to do the same functions with the new features. I think what got me more is the fact if you wanted to share you had to get a G+ account which I don’t know since I let Facebook handle that stuff for me; i.e. I don’t need another social network account, lol. Suprisingly, the only thing I miss about Google Reader over Windows Live Mail is how you can access it on multiple computers, other than that, nothing much else, it’s a bit more of a better reading experience for me so far. I might take a chance again with NetVibes though.

  103. Charles

    Google Reader.

  104. Allen

    Google Reader

  105. Kevin

    Pulse for iPhone is really good. As well as snackr for Adobe Air.

  106. geeknik

    Google Reader on my PC and Feedr on my Android phone (importing from Google Reader).

  107. Ed


  108. Shawano

    I use Google reader on m’y computer and motsly use reader on m’y iPhone. The app work the best. Simple to use. Syncs great with google reader account. Just the best app out there for rss.

  109. Sarah

    Feedly synced with Google Reader

  110. Rex Pan

    Why no one use Opera.
    It has a good RSS reader, Mail and chat management, and also a lot of stuff.

  111. utkarsh

    Google Reader (now with new look)

  112. Ashish Jain

    Google Reader, but i dont like the new UI :(

  113. Jack Over IP

    Have used them all many times a day and have settled on…..
    RSSOwl – nothing compares and links to Google Reader too.

  114. Henry

    This article was delivered to me via Google Reader.

  115. Sharath Chandra

    Google Reader

  116. Nick

    Google Reader.

  117. André

    Reeder for iPhone and iPad. Simplicity and ease of use made it my number one. Also, it’s really quick.

    Before I used Newsstand, but after trying Reeder, I never went back.

    On the Mac it’s native Google Reader.

  118. Juanjo


    I like that it syncs with Google Reader so I can manage all my subscriptions in feedly and have a backup in GReader.

    I also like its GUI, magazine style, very nice.

  119. NKS

    Google Reader all the way. It’s perfect. Though found a bug when scrolling after the update.

  120. Peeyush

    Google Reader .. Its simple and awesome.

  121. TangoCharlie

    Google Reader via feedly

  122. Shahnawaz Khan

    Google Reader!

  123. hellerdude

    Google Reader, simple and accessible.

  124. Yordan Ivanov

    I use Feedly witch is a web wrapper of google reader. I’s a extension for all main browser, even for android devices.

  125. Dani

    Google Reader. The new design doesn’t work as well as the old one did but i will stick with this.

  126. code zero

    Feed Demon synced with Google Reader

  127. Arun

    No idea

  128. jbravoq

    Google Reader via feedly on PC, both feedly and taptu on Android (time to time webzines on Dolphin HD)

  129. zapadat

    Reeder for iPhone and for Mac. Very nice and clean. Another good one is Flipboard for iPad :D (use ALL the Apple deviced)

  130. Gouthaman Karunakaran

    I use Google Reader’s web interface when I’m working on my PC. GReader (free version) for Android is my go-to RSS app when I’m on the move.

  131. J3r03n

    Here’s one I haven’t seen yet: Google Reader. I use both desktop and mobile flavors. @Paul Parkinson I’m loving the new look. Still a bit buggy put that’ll be solved soon I expect.

  132. Nabil

    Oh i am surprised that none has talked about “RSSOwl”, its just incridible ^^
    Try it:

  133. Reuben

    Google Reader

  134. Weimer

    FeedDemo synched with Google

  135. Weimer

    FeedDemon (sorry, can’t spell early in the AM), synched with Google

  136. mike

    +1 google reader

  137. arpad

    Google Reader

  138. SpiderDan

    Netvibes! Always signed in and pinned to Firefox on my laptop :)

  139. Roland

    Feedly synced with google reader

  140. Kalpesh

    I use Google reader on PC and Mobile, on the browser because I don’t like apps eating my memory.

  141. Adam Stanley

    I’m still using Newsgator for Outlook (2003). I’m going to switch to Thunderbird and FeedDemon some day. I use Mobile RSS Free (with Google Reader) on my iPad.

  142. Antriksh

    I use Google Reader. Reasons:

    – Integrates with my Google Account.
    – In the cloud so cross-platform and accessible.
    – Works with Flipboard on iPad.

  143. Stukka

    I use Feed Demon that syncs with Google Reader

  144. Von

    Netvibes FTW !

  145. Titus

    I’ve also just abandoned Google Reader after years of use…. The new interface tied into google+ doesn’t go down well with our company’s firewall/proxy…. Get prompted to enter login details for a restricted site on every single article in my feed….

  146. Anthony

    I use Feedly, which integrates with Google Reader.

  147. Meena


  148. Andrew

    Google Reader – on my desktop, tablet, & android phone

  149. Jarrod

    Google reader, not even a contest imo

  150. Tim Cuthbertson

    I have used Google Reader for years. I’ve tried other RSS clients, but never for more than a little while.

  151. outspoken

    FeedDemon Lite syncing with Google Reader.

  152. cpx

    * Google Reader on PC (Latest changes? I can only judge after a week of using it. So far it’s good)

    * gReader Pro on my Android phone. Official Google app can’t compete with it.

  153. Plonk


  154. Chaider Lima

    Ipad 2 – I use Feedreader
    Pc – Google reader

  155. Jean-Michel

    NetVibes! I

  156. tommy2rs

    Google Reader, mostly to sort the wheat from the chaff at both Gizmodo and Engadget.

  157. Alex M

    Google reader does the job for me

  158. JP

    Google Reader, and I actually like the new look

  159. Pizzi

    I use Goggle Reader, with the new UI (white/black/gray) look better than before, I have it integrated on Microsoft Outlook that way I have e-mail en RSS feed in one program at the same time.

  160. Richard

    Google reader for the past two years. Now with the design change, much more happier to use the same. :D

  161. Eric

    I use Microsoft Outlook 2010. I have my RSS folders on an Outlook Live (hybrid MS Exchange/Windows Live) account, so that no matter what computer I’m on Outlook can load all of the RSS items I have not deleted and the new ones, but never one that I have already deleted on any of my computers. If I’m at someone else’s computer, I can use the same way. My favorite feature, though, is having my RSS feeds aggregated into one folder with my email accounts, so I can read everything in the order it arrived.

  162. Will-G

    Live Bookmarks in Firefox. Pretty much the biggest reason I use Firefox. I have tried using Google Reader, but I simply prefer the ability to look at my feeds at any time I want, and very easily, while browsing. Firefox Sync keeps my Live Bookmarks synced between all my computers, since I use Firefox in all of them. No need to install something else, no need to navigate to another page or change tabs. Simple and straight to the point.

    For iPhone and iPad, I use Pulse. I like the visual style, functionality and being able to organize my feeds by pages. It’s simple and now has the ability to Sync between devices.

  163. Stefan

    Thunderbird! The only reader I need.

  164. Ben


  165. John

    Windows Live Mail Feeds

  166. Jirka

    FeedReaderCZ 1.5 :-)

  167. Gaxor

    Google Reader.
    I somewhat agree with Paul as the new update has made Google Reader a bit less desirable.

  168. Andrew

    Google Reader Exclusivly.

  169. Gabriel Castro

    FeedDemon synced with Google Reader

  170. Gill

    rss bandit

  171. Kenny

    Google reader with Super Full Feeds for Google Reader

  172. WillCroPoint

    NewsRack synced to Google Reader on iOS. The rare times I need to view a news on the desktop I get to the web app.

  173. miry-mir

    outlook 2010

  174. Leonick


    I’ve tried Google Reader again and again due to all the nice apps syncing with it for the iPad, unfortunately there is no even half decent way to use Google Reader on the PC as the website suck (compared to Netvibes)…
    Being able to view the article on the rest of the page from my reader without having to open a new tab or something is a must as many sites choose to only put a small part of the post in the actual feed, this is the main reason I just can not use with Google Reader.

  175. yuimegu

    FeedDemon synced with Google Reader

  176. Ivars

    Google Reader

  177. Al Mel

    Google Reader. Since June 6, 2007 I read a total of 93,247 items.

  178. mpffffhhhh

    google reader, tried several others, always switched back. love it!

  179. fat hog

    the same as Rick T,
    Google Reader via Feedly,
    the best thing ever.

  180. Emir

    Google Reader

  181. HackToHell

    Feedly simply the BEST ! it rocks :)

  182. Steve C

    Feedly (on Chrome, Firefox and iPhone). Feedly uses Google Reader to do its magic.

  183. NumbLock Et Al

    I use jetbrains omea reader free version. It is a great aggregate and supports USENET NNTP servers too.

  184. Steve

    Google reader, but hardly ever the web interface. My weapons of choice are:

    Windows: FeedDemon (like the filtering options and offline capabilities as I trave la lot)

    Ipad: Reeder (very tidy interface, some offline functionality, easy to handle)

    Android Phone: News Rob (full offline functionality, one can download everything, especially nice when traveling abroad)

  185. Cheryl

    I am a FEEDLY Fan ! I have at one time or another used SHROOK , NET NEWS WIRE , NET NEWS WIRE LITE , BLOG LINES , and REEDER . I sync FEEDLY to READER which I use to handle all of My Subscriptions and I occasionally use REEDER ( which I paid for but after discovering FEEDLY I rarely use any other reader and have stopped trying new ones etc now that FEEDLY is available on Safari , FireFox ,, Chrome , and Opera …

  186. Cheryl

    Forgot to mention BLOG BRIDGE – another one I used to use …

  187. Sais

    Google Reader

  188. Haeriz

    Web – Google Reader
    Android – Pulse, Feedly.

  189. Ram Todatry

    My favorite RSS reader is the one that is already built into the Opera browser. It is infinitely superior to Google’s Reader (which is a piece of s***)….

  190. PreviousCommentSux

    newsblur seems to do pretty good if you have less than 65 news feeds.
    mobileRss works for the iphone

  191. dx

    Espresoreader (Adobe Air), and google reader sync

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