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Room for gaming [via Reddit]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/1/11

Comments (36)

  1. Spoko

    Wheres the PC?

  2. JStew

    Where’s the creme filling?

  3. Anton Kovalenko

    Oh, is there Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar?
    I’ll buy a scan of a box

  4. Tom

    Looks like a bunch of games that havent been played in years… Where is the pc setup

  5. cee

    jealous much?

  6. MattP

    I figured it out. This is just GameStop.

  7. vtzete0

    Could use a much bigger TV ;-)

  8. Vey

    No life?!?!

  9. GeekInThePink

    no 360? or no ps3?

  10. nt0xik8ed

    leave him alone, at least he’s keeping his parents basement cleaned up. (or her)

  11. deuZige

    This is the setup for a toddler? No pc? No pc ain’t no gamer!

  12. anon

    forever alone

  13. JImJam

    no SNES, gameboy or PC?

  14. MJ

    Reminds me of the father of a guy I know

  15. Anonymous

    OMG! Can we say “wasted life”? Who would do that? Are they so afraid of any kind of “real life” that they have to escape into a “virtual” one? Anyone else see some obvious parallels to the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin here?!

    Or is this rooms owner addicted?!


    Don’t get me wrong. Playing video games is fun and I don’t think there are too many people (who’ve done it) who would disagree. But there has to be a point of sanity where it’s necessary to know when to turn it all off. And if you ask me, video games could be compared to drugs where wasting time playing them might just as well be the same gun shots to the lives of people addicted to other things – like drugs!

    That room sure looks cool on a geeky level, but if it were my room I’d be a little embarrassed to show it cause it just screams “looser” or “addict” to anyone else with any kind of real life or real responsibilities in the real world. You might just as well be showing me a crack house here since I have nothing but pity for the poor soul(s) who inhabit(s) it.

    Then again, whoever owns that room (and it’s contents) may be in the business of buying/selling video games which would explain why it otherwise looks like a room for a “mentally disturbed” human – or an obscenely rich/indulged teenager.

  16. amnisl

    There is an Xbox 360… somewhere. Well at least he has a controller for it, so I assume he also has the console. Plus I know the R-type dimensions is on the xbox360, so it’s possible that (s)he’s playing on it.

    Wish I had a set up like that :)
    So far I have a 360, SNES, N64, gameboy advance, and Nintendo DS. O and a PC.

  17. Brandon

    It looks like someone who has taken the time, imagination and effort to keep everything in pristine order. This is the picture of someone who has too much time, no life, and a deep love for video games that none of us will ever have! Long live the vintage.

  18. Deviant

    Can you say VIRGIN

  19. Steve

    I bet whoever put this together has never kissed an actual girl before and mom and gran don’t count!

  20. Rajaspidey

    HD LED 3D TV + PC is the best option !!

  21. TechnicalServiceGuy

    What a bunch of Negative Nancy’s commenting here. Haven’t you ever heard of a game room? Guess haters are gonna hate. Sweet set up, including the wall mounted Super Scope.

  22. Eric

    Why is everyone hating on this person? Clearly they are passionate about video games. There is nothing wrong with that. I hate when people start with the “Must be a virgin.” “Must live with their parents.” “Must not have a life.” comments. No one says that stuff when someone has a garage full of cars. No one makes fun of someone that reads books all day. Somehow only video games have that stigma.

    They are all spending their time and money on what they enjoy doing. Stop being jerks. I would rather hang out with this person in their video game cave than all you haters doing whatever it is you like to do.

  23. Greg

    Needs a PlaySeat or similar for racing sims.

  24. Donjuan

    Man! What a collection. There is alot of money invested here. And lighten up you jealous geeks. Give this person some credit where it’s due. This is a very cool hookup.

  25. Where_is der_brain

    TechnicakServiceGuy and Eric should join “Der Gamer” @ the lonely hearts club, you guys are in the minority here. I’m in concurrence with VEY, ANON and the rest of the postings…. This is a “No Brainer”…. Guys get a life … there is more to this world than basements… what a wasted lifetime … Do something that is constructive..

  26. vgamesx1

    well think of it this way…
    you never need a girl because you will be entertained forever, never a dull moment, expect when you have to go back to work :O

  27. thehungryeye

    What gets me is the whole “must have a pc” to be a gamer. Really? Considering how horrid the pc game market is since unless people play wow they ain’t paying suuat for games, thus ruined the industry.

    This person here appears to be singlehandedly supporting the videogame industry, at least at some point. You won’t see some company going outa business because of pirating because of this person.

  28. shane

    i think i see a pc tower…to the right of the wii (on the floor)…or it might be a speaker

  29. Brett

    At a more technical level. I notice;
    – real gamers tend to often build their own gear and show it off. The fact it isn’t a centrepiece says something. Mind you, with the cover on you couldn’t tell what was in it.
    – it is easy to get addicted to multiple monitors. Two are essential and 3 are nice. One medium sized one is OK but where are the others?
    – SURROUND SOUND?? Now, with todays sound effects & music you should have 5.1 as a minimum and going to 7.2 would cost about the retail price of 3 games. I see one RHS speaker and no centre or rear ones. Serious gamer? Try asking someone who is – and no, I’m not, though I do like the odd game and built high end gamingboxes.
    – no keyboard is visible, but some of the nicer keyboards for gamers are longer than average, or taller, to support macro keys, maybe LCD displays, etc. The space in fromt of the monitor does not appear to have the depth for a decent gaming keyboard … and where is it? Wireless .. sure, but it should still be there.
    – ditto for mouse. Mine has features I have forgotten, and about 15 keys (and called a RAT incidently). It looks nothing like a conventional mose. Where is it?

    I would have loved to see a picture of a proper high-end gaming set-up. I am not to proud to learn, or copy. But this looks like a monitor put into a CD/DVD/whatever library. I simply don’t think it is genuine. To much that matters is missing. Please either prove me wrong, or show us a proper set-up.

  30. ImSpankyDammit

    TechnicalServiceGuy got it right and Anonymous is taking it way too far.

  31. Doopliss

    Some people are far too envious. It’s clean, and I know plenty of girls who love games.

  32. Adamboy7

    Can I move in? lol

  33. Jez

    No PC? Come on people, eat more carrots! Between the two cabinets, on the floor, with a CD sitting on top, sure looks like a tower PC to me. Great setup BTW!

  34. Bane

    There is an Xbox 360 on the third shelf to the right side of the monitor. And on top of the shelf is a PS1. You can see it at the first picture.

  35. kishore

    I think the negative commentators are jealous of it and pointing odd and negative things and not appreciating the other things what they see. They would not have played/have half percent of the games what they see in the pic i guess.

  36. Dave

    1. Still lives with parents
    2. Doesn’t pay rent so paychecks go towards game purchases
    3. Never kissed a girl

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