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The Wrong Way to do Online Shopping with a Credit Card [Classic Funny Image]

How many of us have encountered someone somewhere who did something odd like this to their computer?

#facepalm [9GAG]

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  • Published 10/28/11

Comments (32)

  1. choppystyx

    “My computer is wireless so why do I have to plug in the power to charge the battery?”

  2. David Aris-Sutton

    “I was trying to install some software but i couldn’t do it, it said prees any key and I can’t find one of those on my keyboard”

  3. Richard Pedersen

    I once told a customer that her power supply was full of dirt and should be cleaned.
    I offered to do it but she said she’d take care of it.

    The next day I got a call from her telling me that she probably needed a new power supply.
    She told me that she had used a pipe cleaner to clean out the dust.
    (I thought that might be the wrong tool for the job, and told her so.)

    Everything became clear when I found out that she hadn’t turned it off first.

    I’m glad she was OK.

  4. mahamat

    “Why can’t I get this game working?”

    they still had windows 98

  5. xana452

    Can’t tell if trolling or just very stupid

  6. Rob

    This is a good one:

    User puts optical disk into optical drive tray (laptop kind that you need to “snap” in place)
    User pushes tray back into computer to load program.

    optical drive does not recognize disk was inserted.

    User opens drive tray again
    optical disk IS GONE

    … turns out when pushing the drive tray back in they tilted the disk so it went between the drive tray and the computer case and they didnt realize it.

    must be mind blowing to put a cd into a computer and it seemingly EATS it!

  7. Brad Hoschar

    Keyboard missing – press F3 to continue.

  8. Biu

    “My PC is so slow. Where can I download more RAM for it?”

  9. GeekInThePink

    hmm….i wonder what was the answer?

  10. MJ

    @Rob – A long time ago I purchased Jedi Academy, and one day I needed to reinstall it. I inserted the CD and, at 33% of installation, the drive started to make weird sounds and setup freeze. When I opened the tray, only HALF!! of the CD was still there. The tray only opened 3/4 its way, so i pulled that half part out, and then the tray closed and refused to open again.

  11. Atcha Service

    BRAD Keyboard – F3 – a real classic :)

  12. E.W.

    My cup holder broke… [using cd drive in open position for cup holder]

  13. Rich

    A relative complained that his computer was full – he had no more room for documents. This seemed unlikely. It turned out that his desktop was literally packed to the limit with word files. There was no more room to fit anymore.

    Another relative who had just acquired a computer told me “this computer is awesome – its like a typewriter but better because you can change stuff around before you print”
    I replied “and you can save your work”
    He then said “what is saving your work?”

  14. Tom Cox

    20 years ago I repaired TV’s and VCR’s and can believe every one of these posts!

  15. Lee

    What’s a VCR

  16. Kay

    What about “drag the CD to the trash to eject it”.

    May he rest in peace.

  17. sanooj


    Its a valid way of ejecting the disc out in an apple computer with Mac OS X. (There is no eject button in the drive..It’s not a tray feed for the disc)

  18. bofh420


    This has been a valid way to eject all kinds of media from a MAC since the 1980’s

  19. insanelyapple

    Since 10.4 AFAIR, theres little eject button in sidebar on right side of optical drive, and ejecting via trash is just an unlogical old fashion alternative.

  20. Ivydapple

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear. x_x

  21. Robert

    Kay, I got the joke it is a pity the other didn’t, do they relies that they are in the same class as the stupid uses?

  22. Bill C.

    Herew are some classics from my computer business – a pics page of stuff encountered.

  23. The Unbeliever

    When answering a “my brand new computer just shut down won’t turn on” complaint, I discovered that the customer had plugged the UPS into itself “to protect it from power surges.”

  24. Henry

    True story:

    On their Mac, it said the wireless keyboard has low batteries. But they said the big Mac thing is plugged in. And they were like weird?

    And another: I want to play a game. How do I download better graphics cards for free?

  25. Jason N

    Customer: It’s a black screen that says “Non system disk error.”
    Me: Is there a floppy disk in the drive?
    Customer: No.
    Me: Are you sure? That’s almost always what it means.
    Customer: No, I think I’d know if there was a disk in the drive!
    Me: Ok, I’ll send someone over.
    Me: So what was it?
    Tech: A floppy disk in the drive.

  26. xana53

    xana52 are you talking about others or yourself? “Can’t tell if trolling or just very stupid”

    Either way I’d suggest that you’re “just very stupid”.

  27. Anonymous

    You’d think someone would have come up with a better term than “drag and drop.” Some people take it literally!

  28. zapper067

    “I inserted a CD into the DVD drive.How do I uninstall it so I ca get back the DVD function again?”

  29. Nick S.

    I had a customer one time report a BSoD on their computer. Turns out they lost their wallpaper and their “Blue Screen” was the default blue wallpaper for Windows XP.

  30. lmao

    I used to work for a call center that did tech support for a major computer brand – a cusotmer called in one day with lost display – 20 minutes into confirming user info and basic troubleshoot I ask the user to unplug pc and open the case up so we can reseat video card – to which he replies “I can’t it’s too dark” I ask him if he can move his computer out of the desk and into the middle of the floor where there will be some light – at this point he finally tells me that there is no light in his office because of a power outtage

  31. Adrien

    “I can’t get my coffee tray to go back into the computer”

    Only to find out later when passing by the office, that she was talking about the CD-Rom drive which was indeed being used for her coffee and it was drenched by the stuff!!

  32. Adrien

    Some of things I say to people for a laugh in our work!

    “The problem here is not the computer, but what is between the chair and the keyboard”


    “Are you having an I-D-10-T problem today” When they ask what that is, I just ask them to write it down on a piece of paper and read it out, lol! Works everytime!

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