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FeedBeater Creates RSS Feeds and Email Alerts for Any Web Site

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FeedBeater allows you to easily create RSS feeds and email alerts for web sites without native RSS/alert functionality.

It’s dead simple. Visit FeedBeater, plug in the address, and select whether you want RSS or email alerts. If you want to further customize the feed, click on Advanced Options and set up specific keyword and page area filters to tailor your alerts to just the content you want.

Although we used How-To Geek to test the service, you can skip FeedBeater when it comes to getting fresh content here–subscribe to our RSS feed here or sign up for our email newsletter via the Daily Email Updates widget on the right hand side of the main page.

FeedBeater is a free service.

FeedBeater [via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 10/27/11

Comments (5)

  1. 99er

    @Anomaly, partial feeds have their merits, usually within those one or two sentences you can get the idea of the topic and chose whether or not to peruse reading on. It’s perfect for software like Pulse News for portable devices.

  2. Anomaly

    @99er, the point of the feed is not to have to go to the site. If you just want a few lines to see if you’re interested a full feed will do that to.

  3. Charles

    And I’m reading this through Google Reader! ☺ Google Alerts sends me updates on other websites, Gmail lets me sign up for email newsletters on websites, Google Cloud Print lets me print the websites from any Printer, and Google Plus lets me keep in contact with the website makers themselves!

    Who needs FeedBeater when you’ve got google?

    (I don’t work for google. I’m just a fan and a hard-working student trying to get into med school)

  4. Joe

    @Charles, not every website has a email newsletter or RSS feed. For the 99% of the web that doesn’t, Feedbeater is the one and only solution!

  5. Anomaly

    @Charles, how are you reading this through Google Reader? The feed is not a full one so at best you get a few lines in Reader and have to come to the site to see the rest.

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