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When Internet Explorer is Afraid of the Competition [Funny Image]

IE9 tells me firefox is a “dangerous file” that “is not commonly downloaded”. [via Reddit]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 10/25/11

Comments (26)

  1. jim

    the real question why the eff is this person downloading v6 instead of v7?

  2. jon_hill987

    @Jim: I didn’t even know 7 was out until I checked just now and found I am running V7. Should have twigged I had been upgraded when my setting went partially back to the default.

  3. Midnight

    In reality, Firefox Should block any (IE) Internet Exploder Downloads, as that excuse for a Browser is outright dangerous, flawed and has more holes than a sieve!!

    No other Browser uses ActriveX, so what does that tell you? :)

  4. Midnight

    You’re kidding right? Firefox 8 Beta 4 is available for D/L and 7.01 was released ages ago!
    Get with the program! LOL

  5. gyffes

    Midnight, no longer.

    Now, the IE UI continues to suck astonishingly sucky, but IE8 blocked 90% of malicious sites and IE9 blocked 100%. Opera failed totally (using AVG’s site approval list), while Chrome, FF, and Safari were in the 60-70% success range (using Google’s whitelist).

    Microsoft appears to’ve FINALLY got the security message.

    Now if only the rest of the browser would catch up.

  6. Rick

    He is downloading 6 so that he can use AdBlock Video.

  7. Row

    That guy is downloading a outdated version on a mirror that is not commonly used.

    Don’t see the problem, IE is blocking a security risk.

  8. DazzaJ

    Firefox changes it version number so often that it hasn’t got time to become commonly downloaded.
    Another day another firefox version!

  9. Karina Kaminski

    It’s the 21st century and IE9 is out. GWTP

  10. Erik

    Come on people, there’s nothing wrong with IE nowadays.
    And it’s the safest browser, so Midnight, you’re quite ignorant…

  11. Gordon Jones

    If Internet Explorer is so great, why isn’t it available to download on other OSes?

  12. TechnicalServiceGuy

    @ Gordon Jones – Serriously? It is MS branded tht’s why.

  13. vgamesx1

    you are very wrong… from the last 4 or so IE articles I’ve read, IE 9 is the most secure browser out there, while FF 6/7 is almost the lest secure.

    just for example heres a site that I recently visted.
    I think it was on here or Lifehacker either way somehow I ended up looking it up from softpedia and
    I don’t think all of it is true but I do not belive that IE is this piece of crap that should be walked all over.
    since IE basicly made the internet, if you even read the “how-to-geek” article about
    “Why geeks hate IE”.

  14. vgamesx1

    @Gordon Jones
    oh Lol, ok let me ask you why safari can’t be used on Linux? or why the windows version of it is like iTunes – slow, basicly usless, and barly works on windows.

  15. elchuby

    Because there are better browsers with a wider audience than Safari.

  16. tommy2rs

    The articles I read that claimed IE9 was the most secure were based on tests done against old versions of other browsers, not the latest ones. So please, everyone keep on using IE, I love banking the coin I make disinfecting those computers at a $140 a pop.

  17. Ivydapple

    “This program is not commonly downloaded.”

    …wow. Just wow.

  18. cownaetion

    Still using FF 3.6. FF4 and up still crash too much (at least for me) on Windows 7 64bit.

  19. liz

    My Gosh, could no one just enjoy the humour, typical friggen geeks have to start a war get a sense of humour

  20. Terry

    I have to agree with liz. The headline does say [Funny Image], and if you don’t overthink it…..

    But if you are going to nit pick – version 6 may of been the only one available when the image was created (and some people go after the older version because some extension may not work with the newer ones) and it may be the download link that is the issue not the file in question.

    I am an Opera fan. It might not win any awards but if you are going to rely on one program alone to keep you safe…that’s what the online scum loves to take advantage of…online arrogance and ignorance.

  21. Linda

    I stopped using Firefox.
    I constantly got slammed with rogue spyware downloads and even a root kit soon after I downloaded it and began to suspect it was not that secure.
    When I switched to Chrome it has stopped happening and have had zero attacks of that nature now for 2 years .
    I really don’t care how much praise it gets. I think it’s crap

  22. XXX

    I prefer Firefox. It might not be as secure as IE considering how rapid their teams work to add more features. Some companies still use Firefox 3 because their techs haven’t been able to fully test the newer versions because of the rapid releases. Firefox’s development team is split into 3-4 groups or so and each one is working on different features that users want. Firefox has been getting main updates things like 6.0, 7.0 etc faster by adding fewer features so main revisions come out every month or two.

    Opera seems ok, but not sure about all the features it has and stuff like that. It is very useable tho.

    Don’t like Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. They are useable. As far as the security goes that’s iffy.
    I really wouldn’t trust what people say about Internet Explorer because that’s a Microsoft product. Microsoft sometimes pays/teaches people to be biased on reviews and expert opinions, extremely so when it comes to things like Linux and open source software, which might have to do with Microsoft having a monopoly.

    It really depends on your tastes in browsers tho. Infections and security risks and such other things are still usually the fault of the user.

  23. vgamesx1

    “Infections and security risks and such other things are still usually the fault of the user.”
    and I never said to keep IE but who cares.
    because I use IE and FF and I also use Opera because it handles Java well and FF handles flash better.
    only browsers I really don’t like is Chrome and Safari, that and people who claim FF is better than any other browser just because others like it or because of a plugin/extension.
    if anything its better because its open-source and thats the main and almost only advantage it has….
    just so everyone is clear on that.

  24. Falmung

    Ironically this isn’t just limited to IE9. Microsoft automatically installs some addons on firefox which messed up firefox. Firefox even had to block them.

  25. Yen

    I think your best option to be safe online, find the least popular, least know of browser and plug away with caution and a decent av, also try using obscure unpopular combinations of software. This reduces your chance of enough hackers finding vulnerabilites in your software and setup. More people use IE, therefore logically speaking it’s the best to target the flaws of…

  26. Geoff Black

    IE sucks, period. Switch to Google Chrome or Firefox, they’re much better in all sorts of ways!

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