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Google Now Shows Your IP Address via Query

Thousands upon thousands of people would go to Google and type in “what is my IP” only to immediately click the first link to find out. Now Google offers the answer right along with your query results.

Visit Google and enter a search query like “what is my ip”, “my ip”, or “ip address”, and Google displays your public IP address right below your search query–as seen in the screenshot above. It’s a handy way to find your IP address that saves you that extra click through to a third-party site (we’re sure the folks behind WhatIsMyIPAddress, the first search result, are less than thrilled by the change).

Hit up the link below to test it out and find your public IP address.

Google “my ip” Query [via Google Operating System]

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  • Published 10/19/11

Comments (17)

  1. Meena Bassem

    just tried that. i used “ip ” . don’t forget the space after IP , and it works. google just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Nicklas

    @Meena The space after isn’t nessesarry, at least for me. Too bad it’s only in english so far :/

  3. Chronno S. Trigger

    @Nicklas, You have to use the space for the instant search, you don’t have to use space if you hit enter or the search button.

  4. cee

    Tthose poor suckers at WhatIsMyIPAddress. I feel ya

  5. Tom C.

    Only works with (or if you change your search options to english) …

  6. Alex

    Just add “&hl=en” to the url. Like this:

    It will work from anywhere around the world.

  7. TechnoGeek

    DuckDuckGo, which I use, has had this for quite some time. Nice to see Google’s catching up!

  8. Jim

    Google did that, not just as a convenience, but also to help protect the public from phony web sites that install viruses on the visitors’ computers.

    Many thanks to Goggle for fighting the battle against internet parasites.

  9. Gerald Midkiff

    Questions (which show my computer ignorance): It says “public ip,” why public? Are there
    other IPs for my PC? Does my IP change periodically? What’s a reliable source for me to
    read up on this?

  10. glen

    Gerald, if you click on the “learn more” link next to your public up Google explains what it means

  11. glen

    Gerald, if you click on the “learn more” link next to your public ip Google explains what it means

  12. Gerald Midkiff

    Glen, thanks. I also look up computer words and phrases on Wikipedia, but I never
    know how accurate that site is.

  13. Ashiq

    Google is great,,,,, Gets better everyday

  14. Gerry

    > [Those] poor suckers at WhatIsMyIPAddress. I feel ya

    Exactly what I was thinking @cee. This is a great feature, but Google destroys a lot of web business all the time which is quite sad. It seems you either work for Google, get bought by Google or are run out of business by Google.

    However it’s fair enough really, they just want to make their search more convenient and I’m all for that and I do love just about everything Google does, this is unfortunately a side effect of a company that does lots of things very well.

  15. Hank

    Can the IP address be changed and if so would that help eliminate unwanted junk mail?

  16. dlgn

    I still say FTW.


    this is just google’s one way of invading the consumer. these tools were around for years. it is just you have to know which tools to use.

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