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How to Make Sure Your Roommate can Find the Firefox Icon [Funny Image]

Noob roommate kept using IE because he “couldn’t find the Firefox button” on our computer. Problem solved? [via Reddit]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 10/19/11

Comments (26)

  1. John

    and yet, he will still click the one little safari icon.

  2. Chris

    People still use XP?

  3. Henry

    What is XP?

  4. Wayne

    I just would have made an shortcut to Firefox with the IE icon. Place it in the same place the IE shortcut usually is.

  5. Gyffes

    pfft, why’s he letting him use his computer?

  6. Pc doctor

    I think it is done by any child.

  7. Adrian

    Some people need to use IE. Try navigating over a combo box with a screen reader in Firefox.

  8. Bob@CommonSenseConversation

    OK…so you like FF and hate IE. So do I. Why do you feel compelled to force that feeling on others? Do you have other deep-seated psychological issues?

  9. Liz

    I love firefox, and listen here Chris, not all of us have the $ to upgrade to everything new and fancy the second it comes out. If I could I’d still be using W2K I would and that’s because it was blady stable. It is like they say if it aint broken don’t fix it. Depending on what your computer/work needs are some older OS still do the trick brilliantly. And Henry I will not comment in front of decent people what I think about your comment

  10. Jim

    To answer above questions. Yes people still use xp. What is the problem. Do you like giving your money to Microsoft every few years for an over priced os and memory hog to surf the net?

  11. Willie

    I must agree with the others, XP is still a viable and stable OS. In my office many of our laptops are XP based. We are only upgrading to 7 as we purchase new equipment. Not everybody is a gamer or developer and need the latest greatest stuff. Its the same principle as with cars, I have a 2000 Taurus which has been very good to me, I really don’t see a need to go out and finance a new car just because I must keep up with everyone else. Either way I’m still going to get to my destination the same way. When either my car or laptop craps out, then I will upgrade to something new.

  12. vgamesx1

    @Henry you know XP like on WoW or RS something like that.
    you get XP or experience and level up in a game.


  13. locknload1

    I for one just “dummed down” my W7 laptop to Ubuntu 10.10 and WXP inside my VB.
    Perfect combo, free software and Netflix!

  14. Gerry

    To all you Windows XP users, download a version of Ubuntu and run it straight from the CD (no need to install it) for a day or two. If you like it the installer easily allows you to set up a dual boot so that you can still go back to Windows XP if you discover you still need it for some reason.

    If you’re anything like other XP users I’ve seen use Ubuntu, you’ll absolutely love how much easier everything is to do and rarely or never go back.

    There is so many points I could use to convince you, but really you just need to try it as it’s free, new, secure and easily allows you to just remove the cd to go back to running XP again, so why the hell not.

  15. Gus

    Is it really necessary for every comment stream to degenerate into “I have X so Y is evil” or some smart ass like Gerry telling everyone to switch to Ubuntu just because he discovered it last week.

    It’s a humorous image for goodness sake. It’s a joke. Lighten up people.

    Next thing you know someone will compare Firefox to the Nazis.

  16. SarcHasm

    Don’t you guys know anything? Firefox is like the Nazi regime!

  17. Iron E

    Hitler was a firefox.

  18. Tony Jones

    Thank you Gus! Amazing that anyone could – and did – think that this little joke was some form of Firefox or XP conspiracy.

  19. Peter

    No Firefox isn’t like the Nazi’s it a Russian fighter jet surely?

  20. Dinsdale Pirahna

    @Gus – Thank you. You gave me a chuckle.
    The most direct route to Godwin’s Law I’ve ever seen.

    (I like firefox, I don’t like IE, I haven’t tried chrome, and I use wget all the time.)
    (Sent from a machine running XP.)
    (And if you’re going to run linux, man-up and install Slackware.)

  21. Jollymon

    @Peter-I thought Firefox was an American fighter jet that the Russians stole from us…

  22. TheConfuzzler

    What would be funny is if only one of the icons actually worked and the rest were dummies. Now try finding the Firefox icon!

  23. MangaFalzy

    That’s why I have Windows 7, and I uninstalled IE. Problem solved, now go use Chrome.

  24. Dark Reality

    IE 9 is actually a good browser (except that it cannot block ads). Unfortunately it cannot be installed on Windows XP.

    Chrome needs to let me choose which search provider I’m context searching. This is a basic feature of any modern browser and it can’t even be added to Chrome.

    Ubuntu is very cool, but there are many distributions of Linux. It’s best to find a list of the top 10, get their .isos, and try them out in VMWare Player (free for Windows) or just burn the .iso and reboot into the live CD. They are all basically the same (they all use the Linux kernel, and have either the KDE or Gnome GUI) but they are configured differently. To better understand this, go to a cell phone carrier’s store (doesn’t matter which one) and look at all the different Android phones. Same thing (and Android is a form of Linux as well).

    It’s a shame Microsoft, the richest company in the world, can’t figure out a couple things that Linux has had for years. Virtual desktops, this is awesome. VirtuaWin kind of does it, but it’s the little window placement previews on the taskbar that does it for me in Linux (plus the dual taskbars). Also the software center, used to be called Synaptic. It’s the Add/Remove Programs in Windows, except you can actually add programs, and search for new ones. And if a program requires resources you don’t have, it’ll just download them, too. OS X, iOS, and Android have this, and Windows 8 is gonna get it, it’s about time, but those all are based on paid software with freebies sprinkled throughout. Linux’s software center is all free, open source software (I think).

  25. chris

    “Which one do i click?!?”

  26. Bob

    @Willie but what do you do if every little kid in the world is running around with a key to your car b.c they no longer want to keep your car up to date with security, your company is cheap and unsafe you should quit before the payroll gets lost

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