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Use WolframAlpha As a Secure Password Generator

Need a secure password and you’re away from your favorite password management app? WolframAlpha, the mathematical search engine, can generate a customizable secure password for you on the fly.

Simply visit WolframAlpha and type in “secure password” as your search query. Not only does it allow you to customize the output (you can include or restrict letter case, numbers, special characters, etc.) but when you get the results it includes a phonetic form to help you remember the password:

In addition to that it gives you properties of the password, such as password entropy and more. Hit up the link below to jump right to the secure password search results.

WolframAlpha Secure Password Generator [via One Thing Well]

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  • Published 10/13/11

Comments (3)

  1. Noah

    Makes my life SOOOO much simpler. I have a 32 character standard that has 96bits of entropy, most secure password in the world. And if a site/program requires variety, I have predetermined variations of my 32 character password to meet lesser demands.

  2. MJ

    How interesting! I use WolframAlpha a lot, and recently I needed some random passwords but didn’t think of this. Nice tip.

  3. DhulKarnain

    Too bad it’s delivered to your computer over an unsecure connection.

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