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Eight New Pandora Stations to Get You In a Halloween Mood

If you’re already looking forward to Halloween, Pandora has eight new stations tuned just for the season.

Why buy Halloween mix CDs you’ll only trot out a couple times in a given year when there’s an internet full of streaming music. At Pandora there’s a station for everyone, whether you’re looking for kid-friendly Halloween tunes or some gritty industrial music for your Halloween party.

Premium subscribers can play as much as they want, free subscribers are capped at the usual 40 hours a month. Pandora removed the listening cap last week; enjoy all the Halloween music you want.

Have a favorite source for spooky songs or special FX clips? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

Pandora Halloween [via Geek Sugar]

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  • Published 10/7/11

Comments (5)

  1. rothgar
  2. Paul

    Thanks for the Halloween stations. Wanted to give you a heads up on Pandora that they no longer have a monthly cap for the free accounts. Got this email from Pandora yesterday:

    “We’re emailing you because at some point in the past you hit the 40 hour monthly listening limit on Pandora. We’re excited to tell you that we’ve removed the monthly listening limit for Pandora. Starting now you can listen to Pandora as much as you’d like for FREE.”

    Check my settings online and can longer find how much I’ve listened to this month so I don’t go over, so I’m assuming the email is legit. I think once they realized the mobile phone apps were probably the primary venue for accessing Pandora, charging desktop users probably became a little obsolete. Anyway, thanks again for the stations!

  3. Jason Fitzpatrick

    Oh man. I didn’t get the email (I became a premium subscriber some time last year). I’ll update the article.

  4. Alistair

    Not for those of us in the UK, of course!

  5. michael donovan

    How to get it in the blackberry pandora

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