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Joypad Turns Your iPhone into an NES Controller

iOS: Joypad, a free application for iPhones, turns your phone into a simple NES game controller–additional premium skins replicate other classic controllers.

Joypad turns the touch screen of your iPhone into a game controller. Included in the basic free app is a simple NES style directional pad and A/B button system. You can, for $0.99, get additional skins and layouts for SNES, N64, and other controllers. Joypad is supported by both Macs and PCs via both Wi-Fi and ad-hoc connections.

Check out the video above to see someone playing Super Mario Bros. in emulation using JoyPad to control the action.

Joypad [via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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  • Published 10/6/11

Comments (5)

  1. superfahd

    for android users I’d recommend droidpad ( as the closest equivalent that also uses your accelerometer as a joystick. great of car sim games

  2. SmashD

    Touchscreen controls are not haptic therefor fully improper for using them as a gamepad. Point.

  3. Bobro

    SmashD <<< Agreed! the only games that work on touch screen are point and click type games…

  4. The Beard

    Must have iOS 4.0 :( my lowely 1G iTouch wont run it. Stupid Apple. Let me run 4.0 on my 1G!

  5. wil

    it works on ipad with certain games too.

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