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The Best Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Ever [Humorous Image]

The best anti-virus out there! [via Reddit]

Special thanks to ETC reader vistual for putting together a 2011 edition of this!! You can view it with a nice webpage spin at the link below:

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 09/30/11

Comments (52)

  1. jim

    Where is the link so I can download this “Common Sense”.

  2. 99er

    There is no download for it, you either have it or you don’t :p

  3. Bri

    Excellent :D

  4. enigma

    Really is the best package out there. Been running it for ages. ;)

  5. Leonick

    It really is great…
    It’s to bad the limited supply will keep it from ever seeing widespread adoption. It seems to be really hard to come by these days. :p

  6. Meena Bassem

    hehe. it works perfectly for me with process explorer .

  7. superfahd

    naaa, i’ll wait for the 2011 version!

  8. MJ

    It’s a shame the license is so personal that it may not be enabled if you are not the one using the computer…

  9. Kodess

    Yeah, it works great when I let my sister lend my computer for a couple minutes…. *roll eyes*

  10. indianacarnie

    As always Asian Angel comes through with a smile for us. Ty A.A.!

  11. meatloaf

    this AV im going to tell all my friends about!

    im thinking of printing it on poster format to put on a door or something like that lol

  12. KB Prez

    My family is always after me to “fix” something on their PCs. Most of their problems are caused by them doing something they shouldn’t. I’m sending this to all of them.

  13. vistual

    hey 2011 version below …
    Free for Limited time only!
    : )

  14. AsianAngel

    @indianacarnie – You are very welcome. ^_^

  15. AsianAngel

    @meatloaf & KB Prez – This is definitely a good one to share! ~_^

  16. xana452

    Ok this is going up in all of the hallways of the highschool. Hopefully it helps some people.

  17. bilby

    This is old version 2010, is there upgrade to 2012 ? ;)

  18. jeffeb3

    Don’t forget automatic updates, AV isn’t enough on it’s own. TY Micro$oft.

  19. jim

    OK I found the download, but now all my wallpapers have changed and I’m locked out of admin rights. This “Common Sense” program is totally bogus.

  20. Gyffes

    Jim, you need to pay $50 for the Professional version. Send me an email with your paypal info, I’ll send you the unlock codes.

    Act now, and as a free bonus, we’ll upgrade you to Ultra Super Premium Professional version — for only a small shipping and handling fee (plus applicable taxes and licenses).

    Remember, people, common sense can’t be taught, you have to learn it.

  21. vistual

    @Gyffes ….
    you forgot the ….
    But Wait, There’s More! We’ll also send you the Ultra Super Premium Professional Portable Version too!

  22. fgdgnffr

    No, thank you, I lready got Norton ,though id o plan on switching when my subscription expires.

  23. jim

    effin genius image ;)

  24. Indisent

    Like my brother always says…..common sense isn’t so common.

  25. AsianAngel

    @vistual – Now that is an outstanding addition to this post!! ^_^ Well played!! ^_^

  26. laker

    Its not available in the USA.

  27. Asgaro

    Mine hasn’t received updates for years… I’m worried.

  28. Roland

    Is it available in german? (!) I still use the 5.1. Version in fluent sarcasm…

  29. Meena Bassem

    you know. the real problem is that if somebody used your computer and inserted an infected usb drive.
    it won’t work then :(

  30. Wigglerthefish

    Wow I think some people didn’t get it!

  31. frog

    This is one system that will never get a government contract.

  32. Paul

    There’s an enterprise version too, but apparently it gets less effective the higher up the management tree you go. Senior Managers are advised to rely on SomeoneElse’sCommonSense v1.1 instead, which can be managed remotely by tech support via a discrete on/off switch for the organisation’s router.

  33. vistual

    i was getting that vibe too. [Scary]
    Unless it was me that was getting lost in the sarcasm – lets hope thats what it was LOL!

  34. Carolynn

    Common Sense is great, provided the user has a clue what the hell they’re doing. For those novice computer users out there, it might be worth while to have some teaching material so novices can gain this common sense stuff too…

  35. Kevalin

    The image was funny, but the comments are golden! Thanks to everyone for brightening up my day a bit!

    Oh, and by the way, I’ve gotten a number of complaints about the Ultra Super Premium Professional Portable version… apparently, it’s encrypted and no one in the Front Office has the right passcode to make it useable.

  36. trm96

    This works great! I have never had a virus yet! And the best part is you never have to install it and you can have it on ANY computer you use weather it’s yours or not… :)

  37. CanadaEastNB

    I don’t get it

  38. Dumper

    Unfortunately my version needs patching. ;)

  39. CaliCarolina

    Ahahahahahaha – WOW!

  40. Adam Thompson

    I must say, Common Sense is bar far the best anti-virus I’ve ever come across. I will never use another anti-virus again!

  41. A.D.Wheeler

    Now available for your Mobile as well!!

  42. Random Guy

    lol some guy asking for a download link. Nice.

  43. rangerevo8

    have it installed a decade back and never had a virus before.
    best anti virus. =p

  44. Liz

    Awesome just so sad that the people I would love to send it to just won’t get it

  45. Dash

    This is best anti virus not only check the status of computer but also check ur mind status

  46. Fergenfergen

    Someone put a lot of time into something that was so monumentally not funny.

  47. MangaFalzy

    Sadly, many people lack this crucial program. And many others just don’t even know how to use their computer properly… So this program doesn’t work well for them. Sigh…

  48. Ashok

    as always , aisan angel rocks , keep them coming , we are awaiting for your articles , we enjoy a lot , but a doubt , why did u not provide the download link here ?

  49. dlgn

    Haha, maybe you need to have an earlier version of the program to get the link to work properly :)

  50. Dark

    A.D.Wheeler u have to be more specific. It also work for you Androids, iPhone 4/4S, iPad, Tablets and Smart Phones. Cool Article Asian Angel and do u have a crack version of it so that everyone could have a copy.

  51. Andre

    LOL it works for me i know how to filter out bad downloads, spamming etc.

  52. kink

    Haha, the one antivirus you never should need to update!

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