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When There Really are ‘Bugs’ in the System [Humorous Image]

Why hello there my little pets!

I guess I should clean my computer caNOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE [via Reddit]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 09/28/11

Comments (21)

  1. anybodysguess

    I take it it was opened because it didn’t run?

  2. Yoshiyah

    Wow! When was the last time this system was cleaned.

  3. MJ

    Try CCleaner next time, haha!

  4. Knight57

    With the size of that spider think I would consider something with a little stopping power

  5. indianacarnie

    My extremely, almost fanatically, clean Sister’s computer looked like this when I opened it to install more memory for her. She was so horrified she went out and bought another one. “I didn’t know you could open them”!

  6. Cmudd

    @Yoshiyah The spider cleaned it last week, but he threw a big party last night and his buddies got a little out of control.

  7. Nicholas Scott@Newswire release

    The modern use of the term “bug” has been around for more than 100 years
    In Hawkin’s New Catechism of Electricity (Theo. Audel & Co, 1896) the following definition appears:

    “The term ‘bug’ is used to a limited extent to designate any fault or trouble in the connections or working of electric apparatus.”

    It has been suggested that the word originated in a popular belief that interference in telephone calls was caused by bugs in the cables.

  8. Nicholas Scott@Newswire release

    This is usually a great pic of bugs . Bugs get into the computer system and create their living home in the computer body .

  9. AJGP

    Surprised that no one else succumbed :
    “Did you open the case to improve access to the “web” ?”
    “Did it jump our and “Byte” you?”
    Sure there are more hoary old puns – but probably none worse – so I won’t spin it out any longer.

  10. Justin Beard

    I read a while ago that “bug”, as a computer related term, originated when computers took up entire rooms and an actual bug got stuck in a vacuum tube, causing an error in the system.

  11. Phil

    This is ugly, but I think the worst thing I’ve seen in a clients computer is when it’s become a “roach motel”. Amazing it still worked at all. Close it up, sterilize everything, including yourself and go home. Scary stuff.

  12. Bill Newbrough

    Asian ants were crazy about something inside my HP laptops. If I left one where ants were cruising, when I turned it on the heat produced soon would have dozens coming out of every opening. It was not possible to use them on my lap because in no time I’d find them crawling all over me. Those HP units were full of bugs in a number of ways, which is one of the reasons I switched brands.

  13. Funkus

    re: Justin Beard’s comment. The way I heard it — Grace Hopper (the grandmother of COBOL, and an Admiral in the U.S. Navy) found a moth in one of the first computers (a large vacuum-tube mainframe). The moth caused the computer to fail, and Grace made a comment about “a bug in the computer”. See Wikipedia; Grace Hopper – for more.

  14. datdamonfoo

    One day my computer was acting up and I thought I could smell something burning from where I was sitting. The next day, the computer wouldn’t POST at all. I opened it up, and a dead, burned spider was located right over the CMOS battery. A brand new board…dead. Luckily it was an MSI board that I hated even when it was “working”, and I replaced it with my current EVGA board that is a champ.

  15. Ivydapple

    0.0 …wow.

  16. Nitin

    Wonder no more!!!
    Welcome to the World Wide Web, now you know where the name came from

  17. shambu

    I am sure, this is a Mac, if it was PC , then it would have had Windows so that creepy things get out@!.

  18. Matt

    This appears to be the older version of a jump drive!

  19. IMSA

    Spider went in there cause he thought he get easy lunch from buggy Windows!

  20. sanooj

    One of my friend asked me to help him change the crashed hdd in his roommate’s comp..
    I goes there and opened the cpu of these under aged students to found a big roll of Condoms in there..
    How about that….

  21. jabberwalk

    Cool! A system that doubles as a terrarium! That’s legen – wait for it – dary! LEGENDARY!!! :D

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