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Internet Speed by Country [Infographic]

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How does your internet speed compare to your international neighbors? Hit up this infographic to find out.

Shocked at how low your country ranks? Feel like bragging? Sound off in the comments.

[via Mashable]

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  • Published 09/21/11

Comments (31)

  1. bobby

    Wow.. Romania has high speed :D

  2. Nicklas

    Yeah i’d say that’s heavily inaccurate. I’m from Sweden and i know for a fact that we rank higher than Bulgaria.

  3. Ionut

    Yes Bobby, Romania is not a surprise in this chart. I myself have a very satisfying bandwidth. Up to 100 Mbps, for as little as 9 euros / month. I’ve been to Italy and for 32 euros / month i could only get 7.2 Mbps (extremely low bandwidth), the amount of mbps i get in Romania through an USB 3G modem that i got from my ISP for paying for the 100 Mbps packet.
    I’m not surprised Romania is that high in the chart.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Enes

    Why is the Netherlands missing ??

    Also never heard of Pando networks, this website from Ookla (known from is much better.

    Download top 10

    1 Lithuania 33.30 Mbps
    2 South Korea 28.66 Mbps
    3 Latvia 25.73 Mbps
    4 Sweden 25.72 Mbps
    5 Romania 24.60 Mbps
    6 Netherlands 23.82 Mbps
    7 Bulgaria 20.88 Mbps
    8 Switzerland 19.60 Mbps
    9 Taiwan 17.32 Mbps
    10 Belgium 17.25 Mbps

    My own download speed ~120Mbps

  5. Starkiller

    Totally agree. Our country may suck but our high internet speed is undeniable. I also have a 100mbps bandwidth for ~9euros. The really good thing is that I actually get around 10-11 MB/s when I download a torrent, so you actually reach the advertised speeds (or as close as you can get) with very little downtime. This ROCKS!

  6. Enes

    @lolnut and @Starkiller

    WoW nice prices, I pay 50euros for 120Mbps.
    The cheapest you can get in Holland is 12,50euro for 4 Mbps :p
    But it is still cheaper then a lot of other countrys in Europe.

  7. Antje

    No North Korea? Why?

  8. JB

    I am so tired of the U.S. bashing in these broadband speed comparisons. I have a 35 mb (up and down) connection through Verizon FIOS, which is more than anyone needs. I’m not running a server farm. I pay too much, but I’ve never had an outage, ever. There is no problem here.

  9. Johan

    @JB that is far from the norm in the US.
    We live just outside of town and there isn’t any kind of broadband available, no cable, dsl, or fios. We had to build a 60′ tower to get wireless internet. which is fairly decent but can’t even stream HD and playing games has its issues. Monthly we’re paying $60 plus we paid somewhere over a $1000 to put up the tower. good thing i’ll be moving back to the netherlands soon enough

  10. Ionut

    we should all consider that you pointed out a ranking made out of speed tests:
    “Based on millions of recent test results from, this index compares and ranks consumer download speeds around the globe. The value is the rolling mean throughput in Mbps over the past 30 days where the mean distance between the client and the server is less than 300 miles.”

    If i’m not way far from truth, i think (at least in my country – Romania) fewer than 20% of internet users had recently checked their bandwidth trhough

    Another detail we may wanna consider is the fact that, i repeat, at least in Romania, the values pointed out by showcase the very best of ISP’s. We must not forget that there are a few other ISP,s out there that don’t (or can’t) deliver speeds as high as 25 MBps (down). As there are a few that offer 3G or DSL, not even close to what fiber cable can deliver. What i mean is that we should take the infograph as granted, and those values could be the average per country.

    Have fun browsing at maximum speeds :)

  11. dima

    gotta move back to Ukraine

  12. Jon

    A gigabyte is 1024 MB not 1000MB

  13. Henry

    Nope the companies decided that it was better when it’s less
    also actual formatted capacity is less too

  14. Chaker

    I pay $400 for 128 KBps in Kuwait…

  15. Not Stupid


    I have used the internet in Kuwait.
    $400 for 128 kbps is so not true.

    Kuwait offers a maximum of 8mbps.but their rates are sky rocketting !

  16. step-2

    yes … like most of the commenters said …

    this is not accurate at all or it didnt consider every country in the world .

    am in ksa ( kingdom of saudi arabia ) & i get around 1MBps down
    and i have an average broadband connection , i would say up to 30 %
    of the country have a connection faster than mine .

    probably that some sit try to get advertise or to make a fuss .

  17. xxx

    No offense, but since ISP’s throttle bandwidth and censor sites in some countries along with limiting bandwidth via router… I don’t think it’s really the best info-graphic.

    Also a note… I have tried some others. They rate my download speed at 250-275kbps which is weird cause i can max out at almost 375kbps.

  18. Jack

    In TN the best I can get is via Sprint Aircard and it this morning is doing well at 599Kbps up and 755Kbps down. That is better than usual. Note those are in bps and NOT Bps. That is roughly 75KBps and 94KBps respectively. We are on the fringes of Sprint connectivity, but no one else does better.

    We tried Wildblue for satellite, and the speed was OK (like low speed DSL), but propagation delay was a killer. Our down-station was in NY state, but it went out to the internet in Colorado. There was 1200ms of propagation delay once it was on the ground. End to end propagation delay of 2500ms was not unusual. Using Wildblue for interactive work made me go back to our dialup connection for better effective speed. And at that, our dialup is slow.

    Where I live, even dialup is limited to 20KBps due to old phone lines (yes, copper does weather, especially if it is subject to flooding about twice a year). It is old Bell South, now AT&T lines.

    Cable won’t pull wire in here because it isn’t ‘profitable’. They quoted me $20K US to install.

    Grump, whine, grump.

  19. Jason

    There’s a report somewhere that shows about 10% of the US population has NO access to home based broadband internet (with broadband meaning anything capable of 756 mbps or higher). There are a lot of places that have no broadband at all just because the ISP’s don’t see enough profit in it. Hopefully, it will come to pass that they will use the old T.V. air waves to provide long range “WiFi” to more rural areas. Free or not, high speed is becoming more and more necessary in modern life.

    While we are running the RV campground down town during the summer, I get an awesome T1 line 1up/15down. But when we leave here it’s back to Verizon’s 3G, which is better than the only other option, SEI’s wireless at a max of 768mbps. And I use max loosely, that’s on a good night at 3 A.M. when no one else is on the tower. It’s usually about 56k speeds.

  20. Jon

    That only applies to storage. No matter what companies state, a true gigabyte is 1024MB.

  21. GeekFaun

    I live in Venezuela, and I must make do with a ISP owned by a government that claims to be “revolutionary” while supplying an average bandwidth of less than 1.00 Mbps, the same rate it had fourteen years ago. It sure stinks.

  22. Valerian

    In Canberra, Australia, I can get 10Mbps down and .5Mbps up at work, but at home the best i can do is 6Mbps down and .35Mpbs up. It plays havoc with online jamming. Still, its stable. Wish I could get faster though.

  23. astral_cyborg

    I have 24Mbps of theoretical speed in Greece and I pay approximately 34 euro per month.

    The actual speed (according to modem-router connection and to download speeds) is around 18 Mbps.

    Most people in my country though get with the same price about 4-12 Mbps, depending on the area and with bad response times.

  24. Husein

    I live in free libya,but in the Gaddafi’s period our internet speed between 30-50 kbps,it’s very slow,but now we hope will be better.

  25. Ursul

    Man I just returned to New Zealand from Romania and the internet here SUCKS! Some people still use Dial-Up!!!! Give me my 5Euro unlimited downloads per month deal I had in Romania anytime. When it come to the internet NZ is definitely a third-world country!

  26. mat d

    I agree with you, XXX you’ve made the best argument yet.

  27. Sad Friend

    In Malaysia, our ISP dominates us. We have only one ISP which never cared to better its performance but in fact the quality is deterioriating. The highest download speed I’ve ever achieved in my entire life was a mere 120KBps. On average we get 30-60KBps.

  28. ga4a

    I”m from Latvia and I can confirm that internet is cheap and fast here. I’m paying 22 euros for
    100/100 Mbps. Never really had a need for faster internet.. if I had faster computer- maybe..

  29. Dark Reality

    Seems like everyone outside the US has pretty good Internet speeds. North Carolina, USA, the best speed available to me is 1.5MBit/s down and 768KBit/s up. We pay about $75 a month for it. That’s not statewide best speed, just our area.

  30. Friendlyskys

    Here in St. Louis, Missouri I’m paying our cable service $55 monthly for 18Meg download. I consistently get between 20 and 22Meg. Very satisfied. As long as I can watch movies / videos all the way through without any buffering, I’m a happy camper.

  31. tox3

    In Latvia I have 100 Mbps, and the most we can get is 500 Mbps

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