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The Revenge of the Caps Lock Key [Image]

There is no frustration quite like finding the Caps Lock Key engaged by accident (or by other ‘mysterious’ means). Perhaps this is its revenge for being so unloved…

Y U No Give Notification [9GAG]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 09/23/11

Comments (21)

  1. Josh B.

    My caps lock is deactivated. It acts as a backspace now; solved the problem!

  2. Baj D.

    Mine acts as mute :)

  3. Wander

    Nice screenshots..
    Except windows (7) tells you when you have capslock on when typing the password

  4. Tommy

    I also have caps remapped as a backspace. I find its location is preferable to the traditional backspace location and caps lock is a fairly unneeded feature today. But it makes things interesting on shared systems when I see all my errors in caps.

  5. Observer

    This is an insult to windows! That caps lock key is from a MAC! :O

  6. Daniel

    how did yall change the action of the caps lock button to mute or backspace?

  7. Bob


    Use sharpkeys to remap the caps lock button to your desired one.

  8. JW

    @Daniel: capslock to backspace
    1. get autohotkey (
    2. edit autohotkey.ini file to add this:
    3. you’re done

  9. Lloyd

    What’s so wrong with the CapsLock? I have used a “normal” keyboard since 1984 and the CapsLock key has NEVER been a problem for me!!! ;)

  10. Bruce Frazier

    Like Mr.Lloyd,don`t have no problem with keys on my keyring nor on my keyboard.

  11. cleber

    Scroll lock is now the caps lock way there were it deserves, and caps lock became another left shift! So yeah I am a shifter…

  12. felipesegundo

    Caps lock? Oh, you mean my ‘show desktop’ key!

  13. Sillycita

    I have no problem with caps lock, I set it to beep when pressed! I like that windows feature.

  14. pixelman

    I wrote an Autohotkey that makes my CapsLock act like the Chromebook’s “Search” key (located where CapsLock is).

    One press and it’ll switch to Chrome and open a new tab, ready to start a search or goto a URL. Another press and it will close that new tab (if you decide it wasn’t needed). And on a press when Chrome isn’t open, it’ll open Chrome & start a new tab.

    But sometimes I do want CapsLock when coding, so I also have it set Shift+CapsLock as my CapsLock toggle, so I can still enable it if I need it.

  15. Anonymous

    I haven’t found a keyboard yet that you can’t pop off the caps lock – or any other key. Same thing for that annoyingly placed windows key too.

  16. herbk98

    I use a program called CapsUnlock, a small (11kb ) program that changes the function of the Caps Lock key to a Shift key. If you actually want Caps Lock, you hold both keys down simultaneously, then release the Caps Lock key first. It’s a beautiful thing.

  17. Fake Ninja

    I’ve never had an issue with the Caps Lock key. For those of you who struggle, perhaps diets are in order to trim down those chubby fingers? :o

  18. Xeogin

    I use an old Win2K program called Toggler. It adds a small delay to the Caps Lock, Number Lock & Insert keys so that it needs to be pressed down a second in order to activate. I also turned on the built-in accessibility feature to beep for any of the Lock keys just in case I make the mistake still. I’m quite the happy camper with this solution. =)

  19. 4G Reaper

    CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL. But still, who seriously thinks this is a problem worth posting over? It’s a 1 click fix…

  20. manuxos

    Wrong meme…

  21. Maxwell

    my caps lock key only plays billy mays quotes, act now and your can too!

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